Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Comes to An End; 2012 In The Starting Blocks

Another year comes to an Duchess & I head toward six years retired. This year has been for us a wake-up call. It is the first year when we came face-to-face with our own mortality. As those who know us are already aware, following a November 1st back surgery my Duchess came close to death's door. A massive infection and septic shock nearly claimed her.

Thank God for the folks at Tampa General Hospital! Both our former employer, and our choice for the very best in care in any critical situation, TGH is the only Level One Trauma Center on all of Florida's West Coast. It lives up to its name.

Now we have passed that terrible time, and as Duchess receives physical therapy and home health care we are marching, albeit with a walker for a few more weeks, toward recovery. The end of January will mark removal of the walker and her rigid back brace.

It will see, also, a diminishing of the BLT, not a sandwich, but the rules following back surgery....NO Bending, Lifting or Twisting.

Ahead for 2012.....well, 1st a look at the balance sheet regarding a possible upgrade to "Roadhouse", our beloved Damon Challenger motor home. It has seen us through more than 50,000 miles since retirement. Now we are considering a possible upgrade to a longer, diesel-powered coach with a few additions......walk-in-shower, washer-dryer, 2nd and/or 3rd power slide.

Our coach consideration is tied rather closely to an apparent window for the long-anticipated Alaska trip....driving across Canada to our northern-most frontier. Good friends, and parents of our son-in-law Lance, are planning to make the trip and having a 2nd RV with us would help offset the jitters about a 10,000 plus mile trip across some rough, remote country.

Well, good bye 2011.....Hello 2012.....We're here awaiting all you have to offer.....


Monday, December 26, 2011 and gone!

The actual holiday is gone.....we enjoyed as much as was permitted by Duchess' health condition. We attended the DeLand family outing at Pete DeLand's house in Lakeland....he is the son of my Brother Mark. It was marvelous. Duchess survived, but tired quickly, and we had to leave early. Such is our current life.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holidays....Christmas Eve 2011

Last evening Duchess and I managed a short trip out. We joined several Elk friends to help one of our group celebrate her holiday birthday. It was the 1st trip out to see friends since the hospital stay. She gave out rather quickly, as anticipated, but we enjoyed our time any way.

Today we join my family for our annual Christmas Eve celebration. As we age these become much more important to us.


Monday, December 12, 2011

The Truth About An Absent Mate!

When you are in a relationship where you are capable of being together 24/7/365.... Duchess and I are sometimes amazed we travel for months on end in our motor home, and never tire nor get bored with being sometimes forget it is a partnership.....well, OK, sometimes I forget it is.

The current (about to end tomorrow after 43 days) time apart during her surgery/rehab/critical illness/recovery/rehab......has shown me some new things.

Just finishing a tour of the refrigerator where I discovered that the thing is not self-policing! Who knew? The open package of cheese which predated Duchess' surgery was growing a nice coating of green.

Just returned from the grocery store and am exhausted. Shopped from a list (PRIDE SHOWING!) and got all but the "fruit" which listing somehow escaped my view. I also refrained from double-buying the items I had listed, milk, 1/2 & 1/2. Discovered that when you unload the bags and place them on the kitchen counter, as I usually do, that when Duchess is not here the groceries do not put themselves away. There is also the problem of where does everything go? Currently we are a one-refrigerator family having had no time to find a replacement for the old one in the den which is our wine/beer/soda/extras refrig. It died just before Duchess went off to the hospital for surgery.

Anyway, the job was much bigger when had to do it all.

While Duchess will not be back to full speed for months, I will welcome her home. She can at least help me remember what to do, and also I will not be spending 1-2 tanks of gas weekly driving to and from the hospital/rehab.

Welcome home my have truly been missed!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Renewal.....???? I hope so!!!!!

I have neglected posting for several months as I spent time both involved in other activities, and with my Duchess as she went through major back surgery and is still in a rehab facility nearing 3 weeks post-surgery.

I feel the need to post again, making links to my facebook page where my friends/compatriots are tired my using the fb location for political views. This blog will be centered on a number of things from politics to personal items regarding surgery/recovery/medical facilities....and just some rants.

I sincerely hope you least enough to respond!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Gonna Get A Movie!!!!!!!!!

PrezBO has plans.....he will submarine the entire population which is rapidly beginning to a) find out he is a fake; b) find his speeches (once thought marvelous) vapid and repetitive; and c) find that there is not a CREATIVE bone in his body when it comes to solving our problems!

This Prez is a blank page upon which is written NOTHING! He has no experience managing ANYTHING....

The DEMs are already, 15 months ahead of the election, looking for PLAN B! But there is none. Watch the DEMs pivot, not to jobs, but to trying DESPERATELY to save the Senate as a lone body they control....or closely control.

Some GOP person will be Prez.....Live with it!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Response: Negative! Nada! Nothing!

This is the bigger disappointment to me......The response to the S & P downgrade.

Perhaps I should have expected it....but I, for one, felt the S & P downgrade was proof-positive that we were on the wrong track. Apparently the thoughts I had were not shared by many in the political sphere!

NOT ONE of the politicos pronounced absolute amazement at the S & P announcement. Instead the reactions were along the lines of "NOT MINE!"

This country just endured its 1st-ever credit downgrade, and the reaction is an instant cacophony of blame.....NO ONE ACCEPTS THE BLAME! Everyone points a finger.

The response gives me all the information I need to know our political class is still stuck on "Me-Me!"....They have not a clue....They are lacking in the essentials for governing.

Their reaction insures that the S & P prophecy is absolutely TRUE!. We are not fighting to regain AAA......we are fighting to keep from going to AA.........

The folks in charge are still NOT SERIOUS about the problem.

2012 may provide a real time for the Tea Party to elect many more folks. Senate control/GOP...House Control/Tea Party?.....Not a dream, but a possibility!

We shall see!


Sunday, August 7, 2011


I am reminded of the film (Nemo) about fish which featured a constant chorus of sea gulls yelling "mine-mine"....but it is now in reverse! The blame game! "Yours-Yours!"

If there was any question, whatsoever about the validity of the S & P downgrade issued Friday, it has all been answered by the idiotarions-of-power (er...supposed power) in Washington. S & P said we were the victims of a legislative group which refused to face the debt problem and, in fact, instead choose gridlock!

John Kerry made his bias/lack-of-ability to negotiate/ quite apparent! & in the process became the poster-child for what is W-R-O-N-G!

The S & P is being justified by the very speeches of the pols involved. The idiots are STILL trying to blame everyone but carry forth as if they can hook the debt onto someone else.

Facts are facts folks. FOR DECADES we have piled on debt. Since Obama took office we have used Caterpillar Tractors to pile it on. JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS & FIGURES FOLKS! They are everywhere, and STILL the pols seek to blame one another.

IF WE do not adjust our expense-to-income ratio SUBSTANTIALLY.....we will face further drops in our rating!

Instead of BLAMING everyone, why not shoulder the fact we are too aggressive in our spending, and attack the spending?????

Well, because the DEMs cannot survive if they allow cuts to the "entitled" class. Even as the "entitled" class eat our country into bankruptcy!

Liberals know the tone and rhetoric....."Help the starving/under-privileged"....even as they send us into unsustainable debt!


"Stop the presses!" (I know, that was really corny!)

Folks, the pols will ignore ANY problem if it impacts their next election. We, frankly, need to elect a WHOLE LOT MORE TEA PARTY FOLK to force the pols to capitulate and decide they might lose unless they cut "entitlements" and spending of all kinds!

Sound familiar?


Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!!!

the economy is TANKING!....Obama is shuffling-off-to-party-city as he celebrates his 50th B-Day!

He has NO intention of solving the problems...He will only make them worse, and still try to campaign as the "People's Choice!"

He is NOT!!!!!! he is a full-time substance, no reality, just "Hope and Change!"



Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Nagging Question!

The GOP, given a fairly-strong mandate (Tea Party included) in 2010, has the power to push and shove a bit....and, given the current DEM/Obama ratings, look toward 2012 as a control point.

My question then is.....WHY did they NOT open their discussion of the debt negotiations to the public????? Exposure of their game points to the DEMs? I seriously doubt that as their points were already known.

Simply doing their negotiation in public, as open as Obama had promised, would have taken away the DEM charade of actually working on a debt solution.

DEMs would have then been faced with either opening their negotiations and considerations equally, or appearing to be the opposite of their calls for such open considerations.

Independents would have known WHO was actually trying to publicly solve the problem. 2012 would have been assured....

Just my opinion.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

They are LYING!!!!!!!

The battle goes on in Congress! Senate votes, House votes.....both are posturing as they KNOW they do not have a vote worth the time it takes.

Now a Senate Cloture will also fail.....

The idiots-in-charge are STILL playing their game.

IS THERE NO ONE in DC who is actually interested in this country and NOT THEIR OWN POLITICAL INTERESTS?????



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

But, But, But.....He is REALLY Sensitive!

OOPS! Obama Has NO PLAN!!!!! BUT!!!

The question is for real.....Obama is coasting along, giving candidate speeches, and ignoring any know...substantive information!


Monday, July 25, 2011

"Our Petulant & Inept President!"

"It’s been clear to some of us for a while that Barack Obama is a man of uncommon self-admiration, quite thin-skinned, and increasingly consumed by his grievances."......Peter Wehner

He seems completely to the point in THIS ARTICLE!

In my case, while never believing Obama to be a possibly good President, I did not see any of his adolescent attitudes during the 2008 campaign. I saw a raving uber-liberal would-be-socialist. Now I see the child-like critter behind the elevated chin, and absolute disdain for the common folk who he claims to represent.

It is a bit early, but I still am having these visions of Obama post-President.....A man who will come across as bitter, aggressively offended by society in general. What an ex-Pres he will make.....Lord help may be almost as bad as having him as President.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

OK then....What Is The Difference Between The DEMs and The GOPs as The Deadline Approaches.

Well, actually, the differences are not nearly so similar as many might hope.....

The GOP has invited all their folks to participate in an "open and honest" look at what to do....

The DEMs have seen Obama call Pelosi and Reid to his office to consult.

Thus the theme of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi officeholders continues unabated......HIDE/OBFUSCATE/BURY.......

There is N-O-N-E of the promised Obama "Openness & Transparency"....There is only meet behind closed doors, then pronounce how "You have to vote for it to see what's in it!" continues as the DEM ticket to operation.

The people of the USA are tired......They are tired of the complete lack-of-communication. The fact is they can now see that the lack of such communication is the fault of DEMs trying to control the entire operation, and still living in the dark halls of their dominance from 2006 when they controlled Congress thru 2011 when they still seem to believe they control everything!

The DEMs are ignoring, on purpose, the results of 2010. They are hoping beyond hope that the 2012 elections will see a different outcome. They will, given the current polls....The GOP will control house and senate. They may well control the WH.

Then the question will the GOPs see the same handwriting?

I am fearful of this outcome.....Unless the Tea Party gains enough seats in 2012.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Where-O-Where Have The DEM Senators Gone?

H-O-M-E!.....This despite the Reid demand they stay and work out a budget.

NOTHING HERE....(from the Democrats)

They cannot work a budget in more than 800 days; they cannot come up with a plan for the raising of the debt limit; they cannot do anything......well, except vote down any House plan. They know how to do that.

& These are the folks who decry the lack of positive things from the GOP?????

Wake up PUBLIC!!! Make these folks do SOMETHING!

We need a GOP Senate......coming in 2012?


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nothing New....We Lose!

I am afraid of the grand news announcement that the "Gang of Six" is back in action. I read this as a sort of "WE LOSE, and the DEMs WIN" sort of issue.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

57 States vs John Quincy Adams.......Lame Stream Media Pounce!

Obama, the magnificent........57 states in this country.

Michelle Bachmann........John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father......

Who gets the Lame Stream Media coverage? Why Michelle, of course.....whatever the Anointed One sez is just fine!

Sad, Sad, Sad!


OOPSIE!.....NLRB & Obama Killing Their N. C. Chances

One of the states President Obama won in 2008 (by a measly 14,000 votes) is North Carolina. Many there are unemployed....& now they get to look to the activity in next-door neighbor South Carolina where Obama's NLRB appointees nixed a $750 million investment by Boeing (with 1,000 folks already hired) in a new plant to build more planes. The NLRB theory was Boeing was seeking retribution against unions and taking away union jobs. No jobs at their Seattle plants were lost/changed/etc. by the building of a new plant. It was add-on employment!

I'd be willing to bet not 1 person in 10 in North Carolina is unaware of this ham-fisted move by the Obama team to support unions in a way never-before attempted.

The translation I believe they will have is, "Obama kills jobs unless they are union!" He is on the side of unions....not us little folk just wanting to work.

We'll see....


Thursday, June 23, 2011

UN-EX-PEC-TED-LY!!!!!!! Ad Nauseum!

O-M-G! Today we had the news of another "unexpected" rise in unemployment filings.

EVERYTHING, for the "Lame-Stream-Media!" is unexpected!.....Well, if it is bad news for "The One!"

The story is HERE FOLKS! Do not even attempt to count them as your brain will explode!

Nothing was unexpected in the Bush years....THE LSM EXPECTED him to fail......They even read fail into numbers which the LSM would trumpet for "The One!" as a major success!

Nothing to see here about bias, folks....just move along!



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4 & OUT....If I Don't Succeed!.....Obama?????

The "No-bama" made that statement......


The guy should be dead meat, but we'll have to see how many "receivers" of largesse from the GOV'T still find him necessary!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Not My Wrangler......!!!!!!!

PrezBO has found a new way to offend folks....this time folks who are usually his supporters!
On the trail and talking of current really bad numbers in almost everything, "HE" announced at a Toledo, OH plant which produces Jeep Wranglers......
“We’re going to pass through some rough terrain that even a Wrangler would have a tough time with,”

Needless to say, the folks at "Jeep Central" dinna like the reference, and "O" got a big BOOOOO!

The man is tone deaf to the enth degree!

My God....who would re-elect this boob? (Unfortunately many, many union, and govt.-dependant folk who want everything for free!)......


RUH-ROO......WI Protests Begin Again!

YEPPERS! The, demonstrators are out in force again as Wisconsin begins the process of correcting a mistake. NOPE, not redoing the law that takes away union "rights"(really imagined), but doing same for police and fire.

That sent the idiots into action......

They showed up....completely consumed by their dedicated seeking of rights.....well, except they could not remember what it was they were in favor of or opposed they had to each carry a script from which to read.

Just too funny!!!


Romney said WHAT!!!!

What the hell is Romney smoking?

Within two days he has: a) endorsed continuation of the god-awful ethanol/corn subsidies, and b) endorsed the AlGore and his human-caused global warming.

Next thing you know he'll be in favor of, well, OK, he introduced it to MA!!!!!



What's With The Lame Stream Media & Holding Dems Responsible?

Let me see....Democratic Senate now more than 2 years WITHOUT A BUDGET!

Oh, and El Prez has continued to avoid providing information AS REQUIRED BY LAW!!!

There seems to be only a yawn or two from the complicit "we gotta get our guy re-elected" Lame Stream Media.

LAME STREAM MEDIA IGNORES THE FACT PALIN IS ACTUALLY ISSUING POLICY INFO! Not really failing to hold Dems responsible, but then the LSM IS Liberal (Dem!).

Now, we'll see what happens today when Boehner forces the Prez to be responsible for Libya, in defiance to THE LAW!

Ah yes, free speech, and a neutral press......Dream on sucka!!!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

The President Does Not Matter...2012-2016

Much is being discussed about the GOP nominee for 2012. What are their chances against Obama. Time and ink (should say here, I suppose...."band-width") are being spent upon the many possible variations of GOP candidates to oppose "The One".

In my opinion the choice DOES NOT MATTER!

Seriously! The REAL choice here is what we do with the Congress/Senate. If, given expanding interest and informed opposition to many programs by the current administration, we find a Tea Party organization in 2012 like I believe we will, the entire Congress will be very slanted toward GOP/Tea Party and the President will have to live with it.

That means Obama's 2nd term....if it occurs....will be one of no say in what happens....except by veto! Given the trends currently in public opinion we will possibly see a veto-proof Congress!

Now that is an interesting situation. IF ObamaCare is brought forward for demolition and Obama vetoes said and same and the Congress reverses the veto.......voila! No ObamaCare!

The debt situation....well, that is an entirely different matter. I still do not see a GOP stand which will halt the flood of debt.....BUT, that being said, the Tea Party again comes into play, and by 2012 their caucus should have some real power!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.......(Beatle's Tune)

This man rips off the entire idea of get along!!!!


I Am THE Obama! - You Will NOT Tell Me What The Rules Are!

& trust me, this man BELIEVES every word of that!

HE will NOT play by the rules....

The problem I see is there are not enough realists who see his disdain for law and rules-of-law to follow through with the necessary action to herd this man into a corner.

The GOP should be on this like stink on sxxx!!!!! They should be seeking any measure possible, including impeachment, to reign in this coward who acts without regard f laws existent. His ideas seem to be; DEFY and see if they challenge.....Expecting NO challenge...He is OLD SCHOOL Chicago!!!!!

The GOP seems to once again be wimping out. Reagan would have challenged this fellow in a heartbeat!

My heart is with the Tea Folk.....they seem to be the only players with the fortitude to challenge this tyrant; breaker of laws!


Add-On!.....OH, Just read it.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Name A Ship After A Union Organizer?????

The Navy is going to do so!!!!

What ever happened to naming vessels after those who led/fought/achieved in naval warfare?



Time To End Affirmative Action!!!!!

Victor Davis Hanson brings the argument and the answer.

Today the only affirmative action arguments are delivered by the Jacksons/et al of the OLD...and I repeat OLD folks of social revolution. Jesse....Take it to your home and leave it there.

Time for folks to STAND ON THEIR OWN FEET.... Apologies are OLD HAT!


The Emperor Is Sitting, and May Take Questions (from the proper folks)

Obama's Lame Stream Media have given him so many passes, he must feel like an NFL top-shelf receiver!

The reporters today are one of two classes....

That would be those who acquiesce to Obama's masterful/Empirical control....or, are barred from participation.

I, as a former radio/TV journalist/news director, am ashamed of my former profession. These guys today STINK. Their idea of news is editorial comment done-as-news.

I am nauseated!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Big Hat.....No Cattle!"......Obama Plays Another Political Decision on Texas!

My God! This President has no shame......He offers aid to flooded states; he offers fire-fighting planes to Mexico when they have fires.....BUT, for some strange reason (TX voted GOP in 2008 by 10 points!) he cannot find it in his heart to declare Texas a disaster area.....Maybe it's cause he knows he'll lose it again in 2012, and just does not care.....

WELL, except to come to Texas for fund raisers for his election!

Go Obama....go far....PLEASE!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Little Perspective on Obama's Part in Usama's Demise, PLEASE!

The gushing by TV hosts, main stream media, et al has given me nausea! You'd think from the descriptions and his own words that Obama donned a uniform and did the deed himself.

At least one writer, John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog, gives the perspective needed: "All of this praise is due to the fact that Obama approved, rather than nixing, the killing of bin Laden. A good decision, to be sure. But is there a single person, anywhere, who doubts that George W. Bush would have made the same call? Or John McCain, if he had won in 2008? Of course not. The Democrats' jubilation results from the fact that their guy didn't wilt under pressure, but rather lived up to the standard that George W. Bush and John McCain easily met. For this, he is called "courageous" and "gutsy."

Amen....Another fine example of the bias toward a liberal President. Other examples, of course, would include allowing a President to declare war without even seeking support of the Congress.


Friday, May 6, 2011

O-M-G! Obama Cannot Thank Troops W/O Teleprompter?????

I cannot thank you until my teleprompter tells me how!!!!!
The man is a village idiot!

At NO TIME in the history of this glorious country has a President been such a communications joke! He cannot welcome and thank SEALS w/o "Mr. Teleprompter?"

Excuse me, I am going to go be sick!

SAD, SAD, SAD!!!!!


ChicagO-bama Continues Tactics of Intimidation!

PrezBO continues to believe he is on the streets of "The Windy!" Now he wants to legislate....once again....from the bully pulpit, and force firms doing Govt. business to unveil to whom they donate $ !!!!! Read it.....

But of course he is not AT ALL inclined to include Unions, Public Employee Groups, etc....ALL HEAVY DEM expose themselves....after all, they are for him! That should, after all, be obvious to anyone knowing Chicago politics!

The man is still trying to grow into his Chicago politics, if he has time, he will try to grow into the Presidency! Lots'O Luck with that!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bachmann Was On-Note.....Chris a Bit Off-Key...

Sorry, but my fave Sunday guy Chris (FOX NEWS Sunday) is out-of-touch....or not-listening in his interview with Michelle Bachmann today (Sunday). He lost the context, in my estimation......

She tried to tell it like it is.....there is NO BLANK WALL if we do not approve a debt increase!!!!!

He was having none of it....calling it time-and-time-again a "default" if the debt limit is not raised. You will not know, if you follow the Lame Stream Media, BUT the GOP has a bill proposed to insure that basic important things continue getting paid if the debt limit is not raised. The bill insures SS payments, medicare payments, etc. The bill insures we drop only "optional payments" those approved by Congress, but not important to our continuation as a debt-paying nation. The DEMs, and their PR wing, the Lame Stream Media, wish to make it appear we will automatically default if we do not approve the increase in debt limit.

Bachmann is right.....Chris is wrong!

We can go for MONTHS without a debt limit increase before anything of importance is not paid.

HOWEVER, that said the reason for the GOP bill is to insure DEMs do not "sabotage" the situation by stopping critical payments in favor of not-critical payments.

Be Aware people!!!!!


Friday, April 29, 2011


Rep. Issa, bless his stick-to-it-iveness..., is still threatening.

The DOJ (Holder) & DHS are ignoring subpoenas.....waving a flag of "we are already investigating", or something.....

TIME TO........or get off the pot Issa!

He is leaning that way, but WE WANT ACTION NOW! Time to stop the Obama-led "I can do what I want, when I want" routine from the Chicago.....errr WH crowd.

My god man, they are thumbing their nose at you....get a clue!

GOP (Greatly Outplayed Perpetually!)

ACT NOW Issa/GOP! Make it a huge issue!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Superman....Iconic Tool Of Ubber Liberals!

I have bought my last Superman comic book.....oh, wait....I did that in the 60s. OK, well then I have bought my last DVD of Superman.....OK...I have NEVER bought a Superman DVD!

Well then, i guess the announcement that Superman is now going Ubber-Nationalist!.....Non-American....Is really not that important to me.

I guess my only concern is that this is once again a nice episode of the MSM slanting so far LEFT as to give us no choice but FOX for anywhere near balance in our media knowledge!

Such is life in Obummer-Land!


The Keystone Cops Are Running The WH!

Oh My Lord!!!!!!

The folks at 1-WH Place are without a clue!!!!!

This cartoon continues, and continues.....and there are still a lot of folks who will vote for this incompetent fool in 2012!

My God, we must find a way to stop this from becoming another 4 years of idiocy! PLEASE help your lost friends understand the true problems with Obama's use of our government!


Sometimes (Many times?) Obama's Actions SCREAM Out in Opposition to His Words!

Scott Johnson at Power Line "At his birth certificate press conference yesterday, Obama put it this way: "We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We have more important things to do. I have more important things to do." Then he took off for Chicago to put in some "important" face time on Oprah's show."

Is it not the truth. He seems to clutch wildly at straws; oft times in opposition to the statement he just made. The man is a straw dog of the 1st water. No substance. No REAL man there....just a fake picture of what he feels is best at the moment.

God forbid someone attack us during his 4 years.....yes, I know, but there is little likelihood we'll cut him short of that.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RACIST! - RACIST! - RACIST!......The 2012 Theme Bursts Upon The Scene!

O-M-G! - If you cannot see the sudden Obama influence toward a racist movement as central to his 2012 theme, you are simply a) asleep; b) without intelligence; or, c) on a snipe hunt!

The entire answer to the birther thing was marvelous. Of course, it gave Trump power. He "smoked out" the birth certificate....and he even drove so far as to say....."well now that we have that....where's your college records Obama?"

BUT....Obama scored because he produced a (so far) legitimate answer to the birthers.

Your flaming lib, Ms. Jumping Jack Flash herself, has already announced; "I am playing the race card NOW!"....

Yeppers, 2012 is underway, and race will be used to bring the minorities into line as a voting force!

Obama is in a terrible position. HIS programs have caused major problems for the USA. He must deflect these or lose. His answer today (following three years of denial and obfuscation) by producing the supposed birth certificate in full is recognition that Trump was scoring heavy body punches. Trump's answer...."O.K., so Now show me the college transcripts" was to-the-point. BUT, will it produce ANY media follow up? Not a chance!

The Lame Stream Media will play dead on the subject and even offer stories to support the Prez in his denial of records. It is their theme. They cannot let this "creature of their creation" fail.

God, what stupid times we live in.....


The theme is indeed underway: Ed Driscoll HAS DETAILS!!!!!

If You Cannot Beat Them; Beat On Them!

Or, how the new left has decided their losing message must be bolstered by disrupting any and all town halls run by GOP/Conservatives........THIS WILL BACKFIRE as these idiots are identified!

Man, the DEMs and their "Union-Goon" that will work. Not today it won't. Too many cameras; too many blogs; too many folks paying attention.

Get a new theme and song LIBs!


Mass Becomes Latest State To Halt Govt. Employees Power!

It happened overnight....literally....and THE DEMs pushed for this one.

I suspect strongly we'll see a lot more of this as states reach the tipping point near bankruptcy!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boeing Case By NLRB Is "Without Precedent!"

There is NO case which has offered this argument!

We suddenly find ourselves involved in a case which could dictate that NO company could go to a non-union site for an expansion without horrendous repercussions!

The LIBs must love this, but business will D-I-E!!!!! That is fact.

The courts will reverse this, but the idea is still there, and there will be future contests about such.


Boehner Remains Strong/Weak/Waffle/Waffle!!!!!

Our DEAR LEADER of the GOP Charade as a, well you know, REAL Party, Mr. Boehner (of the tears and such) is telling us one thing, and then retracting it almost automatically!


Does not this behemoth of the political set get the 2010 vote????? Obviously NOT!

WE-The-people Voted to replace those who are spending us into oblivion! We did so as we believe we should NOT be spending so much.

Boehner offers platitudes....he smiles a lot....he still cow-tows to the OBAMA!

He still has not taken the bull by the horns for the House of Representatives. THEY CAN stop any expenses they deem unworthy. He still waffles!

This man is an abomination of GOP beliefs!

Cannot the Gutless GOP offer one person who will step forward and YELL as to what is wrong in this country????????

Boehner is still selling us Easter eggs of foam.....He has not a clue, but he is pretty!

My God, excuse me while I am sick!



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, I Thought I Made A Mistake Once, But I Was Wrong!

Mr. Obama is simply least HE believes so!

Yep, un huh, sure.....


Unions "Unexpectedly" Involved!

Unions fund Indiana Flee-Baggers!

That ought to impress the voting public all-to-hell!

Wonder if anyone has investigated same in WI?

Oh, and Klop-Klop is filing for a full recount. Nothing to lose as it is all on the taxpayer any way! The WI voters keep getting more and more reinforcement for their 2010 votes! This is all adding up to a resounding 2012 GOP victory in WI...& IN.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

S & P Report - More Than A Shot Across The Bow!

President Obama continues to vilify all Republican proposals for correcting the MASSIVE deficit, and indeed treats it as a minor thing which he and the DEMs are "going to fix!" Of course he fails to address even rudimentary basics about HOW they will accomplish this FIX!

Here is an excellent analysis of the full S & P report by Keith Hennessey. He explains that the report is even more glum than many politicians are trying to paint it.

Obama's threats that the Ryan plan will deny care to everyone from elderly to disabled to small animals falls completely in the face of the S & P report's analysis which not only paints a sad picture of our chances of addressing the issues, but also indicates they feel that, given the frailty of conviction by our politicians, even if the problems are slated for a cure future pols elected post-agreement may decide to retreat from the solution.

Unfortunately I feel Mr. Hennessey may be entirely well as S & P's Report!

I see a lot of storm clouds in our future.....


Monday, April 18, 2011

Obama Speaks & S & P Respond......

Thus is the reasoning of Charles Krauthammer....

He is probably dead on. S & P would respond as they find that the Obummer has once again begun a campaign of "Hope"....You don't catch on; and "Change" the channel if the song is negative.

My god, can the American public, in the face of Tea Party advances, be so stupid as to seriously consider Obummer for term 2?

Much may depend upon whom the GOP selects.....and their track record is abominable!


Friday, April 15, 2011

WOW! Now I Understand Obummer's Americacorp!

It's like the Peace Corp, only A PR Stunt to get MORE AMERICANS on the dole!!!!

Obummer wants everyone to be on Govt. subsidy so they will vote for his further Socialist/Statist society of oneness with the rest of the world while giving up the entire U. S. Leadership role.

What a NICE guy he is....just ask him.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boehner, Boehner, Boehner.....What The Hell Are You Doing?????

John Boehner cried upon speaking about the assumption of majority status in the House of Representatives. This man, who assumed the mantle with little, if any, consideration is now, in my opinion, ready to give away the gains of the vote of 2010.

In a (really should be) simple vote to cover the collective asses of the DEMs who both failed to pass a budget last year.....and, more importantly, failed to even attempt to address budget.....Boehner waffled, and when all is said and done (according to the CBO) his magnificent budget-cuts of $38.5 BILLION.....really amount to $513 MILLION saved.

OOPSIE! Maybe Boehner is: a) stupid; b) lying; c) really, really disconnected....vis-a-vis has not a clue that he is being snookered by the DEMs.

In either case, since the just-completed finish the lost-DEM budget vote is in his favor, Boehner is no doubt feeling GOOD! BUT, You and I are going to lose because this was the SIMPLE....EASY vote. We won in November!!!!! The next part....Budget 2011, is NOT easy. Boehner is outmatched, overpowered, and a loser. Tea Party....send someone forward!!!


"Burning Bridges Behind Me!".....(Jack Scott)

Paul Ryan responded to Obummer's speech with (much deserved) ridicule!

Although I am not so sure the GOP, excepting Ryan's bold plan, has done any better. Today the CBO announced The $39 Billion proposed savings this year is actually only a smidge over $513 Million

According to my calculator that is a 98.7% reduction......or, about NOTHING REDUCED at all!

Boehner, you are blindly following the DC line off stage. By 2013 swearing in, you just might be history!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“ridiculous”, “disgusting,” “frustrating,” “messy,” “disappointing”

The above words were collected in a survey.......of what, you ask?

A survey by PEW! It was taken over the weekend, and as far as I am concerned it reflects two things.....first, the Libs are still stuck in spend-spend-spend mode while yelling about the filthy rich; and, the GOPs are doing precious little to stop them, despite a November mandate.

One reviewer said the $40 Billion figure includes so many write-offs/dodges/etc. that there is an actual budget cut of just $15 Billion....less than half the loudly shouted and much ballyhooed $40 Billion. & As I reflected in an earlier post that is only a miniscule part of just one year's added deficit.

The GOP leadership still does not get it, and still believes they can use the DEM trick of smoke and mirrors and the new Tea Party Public will not notice. W-R-O-N-G!!!!


Saturday, April 9, 2011


The chart....a quickly assembled comparison of just what the "Major" budget cuts achieved in last night's agreement really mean. The perspective offered should make more than a few open their eyes just a bit wider!

In my estimation the only thing actually achieved by Boehner and the GOP/Tea Party is to adjust the attitudes in Congress from spend-spend to halt and cut. That is probably a hugely more impressive feat than the actual cuts achieved. Now, can they continue this attitude into the 2012 budget discussions?


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RUH ROO.....Wisconsin Votes Shredded????


Wisconsin, particularly the Milwaukee area, is a hotbed of voter fraud/deception!

Folks went to jail after the 08 elections.....They seem bent upon producing "just enough" votes for the DEM.....OOPS....Supreme Court folks are not political.... RIGHT!!!! This lollypop already announced she was gonna side with the DEMs/LIBs on their challenge of the new laws in Wisconsin!

Somebody should go after the illegality of that....

But Who?????

Not Milwaukee or any of its liberal minions.


Quiz Time!!!!!

So, which is the "Party Of The Fat Cats!"....?

Wizbang blog has it, and what a surprise....or is it just Unexpected?

Puts the lie to the Democrat theme of money for elections.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AMAZED! - Color me Clueless About The Public!

This man of "Hope and Change"; this PrezBO....has, effectively evaded any responsibility for any decision for his 2 plus years in the Oval Office!

Today he pulled another rug from under the Senate and House....He effectively told these folks..."FIND A CURE FOR THE DEFICIT!".....Just DO NOT involve ME!

He leaves himself insulated from criticism, well according to his way of thinking, and opens the way for him to claim victory, or deny defeat whatever the Congresscritters come up with.

This man is a genius at avoiding ANY DECISION-MAKING! He leaves all behind as he stands tall, and "Looks" presidential.....BUT DOES NOTHING!

I believe I am going to be sick!


ABDICATION!....The PrezBO Tool!

Once, again the man of charisma, talent, oratorical skills, etc. has abdicated his responsibility and leadership. The man of Hope & Change has instead said....."You guys work this out!".....He will be waiting at the sideline to: a) collect the accolades if they do come up with a budget plan, and/or b) deny ANY responsibility if they fail.

Obama...The master of Lack-a-leadership!

This man has no clue.....his minions, almost all from his playground growing into himself, have an equally blind view of the decision-making a Prez is required to present to the people.

He still feels a really-really good "Hope & Change" speech will calm the non-believers, and garner enough votes to give him 4 more years to destroy this country.

Unfortunately, unless a LOT of folks get the bug and oppose him...he may well be right.

Mr. NO TALENT is still strongly in the running, and the GOP, masters of defeat, may yet again hand him this prize, and then be faced with 4 more years of stalemate as the ObamaCare mandate spreads and develops....unstoppable without the Prez signing off on a rejection....
Do you REALLY think he would ever sign off on the destruction of his premier piece of "Govt. Take All legislation?"

If so, you are dumber than I, and I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. The ObamaCare operation will produce Govt. control of healthcare.....1/6th of our economy. Good bye USA.... hello Socialist Europe......


Ya Think PrezBO Is In Trouble in 2012?

(Designed by Neal Boortz!)

If you are not aware!

Let Neal Boortz explain it.

As much as this man has screwed up this country, he is thus automatically in the forefront of this 2012 election. ONLY a concerted effort of involvement by Tea Party and other Conservative or Libertarian folks has a chance to unseat this incumbent.

Go to work now....The election will be here before you know it.


p.s. I believe Boortz missed one group. Those voters who believe the only good situation is when the two parties split DEM Prez, and GOP Congress. There are more of these than one might at first believe.

Monday, April 4, 2011

In Which "PrezBO" Lies and Distorts Things.....


Is there any way this country can accept the facts of the administration (read: President Obama) and their obfuscation of all rules, actions, etc. of their decisions????

My God, they are running over the laws/rules of everything we hold dear, and expecting we shall not object!

I am afraid for the union of states.....seriously!


Wah-Wah-Wah!!!!! Attorney General Cries, Whines & Complains!

My God man, get a grip.....act like a man, even if you are not one!

Attorney General Holder sounds like a kid on his worst day......
as he passes the criminals BACK to the Bush Courts!

This is so priceless, it is just more than my system can handle.

The Bush plans for trial will be implemented.........

Another PrezBO abdication to the plans/statements of President Bush!

This just makes my YEAR!


The Drum Beat Sounds.....

It was like the clarion call of jungle drums.........Beginning back in about 2007 it has gone like this:


That bring us to the current renewal of trials of Terrorists at Gitmo BY MILITARY!

Another one bites the dust......another one of NOBama's pledges/Promises/etc.

As Instapundit is want to say......A Carteresque Presidency, at this point, would be welcomed!


All (Animals) People Are Created Equal, It's Just That Some Are More Equal Than Others

Excuse the paraphrase of Orwell (from Animal Farm), however it seems so appropriate. It has just been learned that now 1,128 organizations/firms/unions have been given exemption to ObamaCare.....Michelle Malkin has followed this from day 1!

Amazing how this transparent/open administration has found the need to allow MORE THAN 1,000 such groups to NEED to be exempted from the UNIVERSAL MANDATE!

Ahhhh- The Transparency Award we were told he got (it was, after all, given behind closed and hermetically sealed doors), must be working.

I am still waiting for my copy of the exemption guidelines. Got yours? Didn't think so. Rules are So-o-o-o-o for the little people.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

GOP Proposes REAL Cuts.....Where's The Lame Stream Media???


So, where are the lame stream media on this????

Let us check!

ABCNEWS: They feel Boehner is "complicating things".....

CBSNEWS: Wha??????

MSNBC: Wha??????

Nuff said....The Lame Stream Media know no bounds in supporting Obama, and they know no bounds in ignoring the rest of the country. They WILL deliver the message of Obama, and it will be SUPERB!



Yeah, That's The Ticket.....Make Em All Outsiders!

From one blogger: "The President of the United States bombs a Muslim country, and some nobody in Florida burns a Koran. Guess which one’s to blame for rioting in Afghanistan?"

Meanwhile Chuckie "Make em all terrorists" Schumer tells minions that the word EXTREMIST should be attached to all Tea Partiers.....on mic (because he was not aware). He He!!! He stands by his words...primarily as he has NO CHOICE......Stand by em, or look like an ass! Of course, he still looks like an ass, but Uber-Liberal zealots like him a lot.

Harry Reid has another take.....IRRELEVANT! That makes it all clear......!

The primary thrust across the board for DEMs is MAR-GIN-AL-IZE!!!!! Make the Tea Party into none-normal folks.....despite the fact the majority of voters find the Tea Party a good thing.

I feel strongly the public is way too aware of this....despite a lame stream media that is issuing stories of flowers growing in Texas. (Just not anywhere Bush has been!)


AARP - "We Represent Profit; Members Be Damned!"

It has been a burr under my saddle for years. The AARP (for those who have never heard the full title, it is the "American Association of Retired Persons") is actually a giant service company making billions off of old persons...not off of representing them.

I notice a long time ago the fact the organization seemed really leftist in their leanings. I communicated that to them shortly after Duchess and I joined. I sought for several years to learn, from them, how they "determine" the needs of we oldsters. I have NEVER received a response to a single question I have posed to them.

Now the GOP is latching on to the fact AARP supported, endorsed and otherwise worked FOR ObamaCare....despite many, many member misgivings. The newly-minted GOP House is ON THE HUNT!

About time! I strongly suggest that those who maintain membership really pay attention to the fact YOU HAVE NO VOICE IN AARP! They do not wish to hear from you, except when they have a product to endorse/sell...or they seek your membership money.

Do not believe it? Write them an email and express an interest in how they determine what we need/want. When you get a response let me know. There will be no breath-holding here. Duchess and I dropped our membership several years back. No more of my money to develop plans to make them more money!

Wake up people....we are on fixed incomes. Support the things that protect us.


Friday, April 1, 2011

So-So Descriptive.....But the Lame Stream Media Miss The Nuance!

"The religion of Peace" once again kills uninvolved people, some locals, because of an event three-five months ago in a country thousands of miles away JUST CAUSE THEY ARE PEACEFUL!!!!

The Lame Stream Media, meanwhile are outside on the back porch smoking and figuring out how to cover the lack of "Hope & Change" for O's 2012 campaign.....OOPS, missed the story!

How the times (never) change!


Mr. Taxpayer!....Do You Feel The Load On Your Back?


Just thought you'd like to know!


Obama: "GM Will Pay Back Everything I Invested!"

Welllll.....actualllly, not so much Mr. President! There is that pesky lil $84 BILLION!
What is that phrase; "A Billion here, a Billion there, pretty soon you'll be talking real money!" (Actually I believe it began with the Late IL Sen. Ev Dirksen, and back then it was "M"illion...)

I have seen flim-flams before from Presidents....from Nixon to Clinton to even Bush, but none have had the sheer unmitigated gall this current fellow shows. He drops facts like a bad player drops fly balls. I suspect the difference is the baseball drop would be accidental.

Someone wrote a piece yesterday asking if the Tea Party was fading or losing interest. If these things keep coming to the front I am guessing there will be MORE Tea Party involvement in 2012 than 2010 saw.


On Message? Rep. Pence is!

Mike Pence yesterday spoke to the Tea Party folk in Washington.
Pence knows the answers....time for top GOP folk to waffle about like fish out of water. You will not find any DEMs who will think as you do.....PUSH IT!

Why do the GOP leaders choose to be so terribly unsure, and less-dedicated than the DEMs? I suspect they are still in beltway mode while trying to appease the "noise" from the Tea Party.


Thursday, March 31, 2011


I feel the needs of our country deeply. As such, and as a firm believer in what the Tea Party offers to offset the liberal/socialist lurch by the current administration, I feel the need to begin posting on many things Tea Party related and/or motivational items which might help grow and nurture the movement.

I am in Tampa, Florida. I am it notes at the right...oh, and yes I am at the RIGHT....though I have many libertarian traits as well.

Let the fun begin!