Monday, December 26, 2016

New Beginnings....Old Democrat Message!

How sad that one party, (while claiming the high ground in gender politics, middle-class concerns, and transparency....but in reality providing exactly the opposite), still continues to be the obstructionists organization.

They lose to a candidate offering exactly their opposite, but still yell shrilly that they care, and their minions just simply cannot understand how they lost.....

Meanwhile the DEMs find EVERY cause dujour which has nothing to do with their actual loss....Comey, Russians, and on and on......Until such time as they accept their defeat and move on they will continue to lose!

Perhaps i should shut up, just in case I awaken their realization of the facts!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Beginnings! - Old Denials!

January 2017 will bring a President Donald Trump. With his swearing in will come major changes from the ham-handed, slip-shod Presidency of Obama.

Likely scenario......not necessarily in this order.....

Repeal/withdraw/kill....whatever the correct term....ALL Obama executive orders! That single step will provide fodder for a major rebound in business growth in this nation, with jobs rebuilding a near direct result.

ObamaCare, repealed...replaced....& a HUGE mistake will be undone. The cost will continue for some time. The replacement will be cheaper, easier, lower deductibles, and actually sustainable if the Trump/GOP know what is good for them.

HALT Muslim refugee immigration UNTIL we have a secure, trusted method of backgrounding and identification as to the folks we are bringing in. A part of this is a simple return to compliance with existing laws!

BUILD THE WALL! - Make Mexico pay for it by deducting fees from each and every $ transfer from the USA illegals back to Mexico. BILLIONS of our dollars are being exported while we pay for the care and keeping of the illegals! As stated above, a part of this is a simple return to compliance with existing laws. NOTE: a major part of this process.....take away ALL federal dollars to any "Sanctuary City".

REDO the Veteran's Administration which is nothing more than a vast money pit where our dollars go to support a multitude of incompetent, badly-led, bureaucrats unaccountable to anyone! Kill this beast and give vets a credit card for medical care. PERIOD!

Curb the vast business control bureaucracy under EPA, BLM, and myriad other federal agencies. 

DISARM and disband the quasi-military forces Obama has built into many federal agencies....Bureau of Land Management....Department of Education....and on and on....These folks have NO NEED for a small army!

Well, there you have it folks.....a good start....Lets keep score and see what will be done!

Hang on kiddies....this ride could be interesting!

Monday, October 31, 2016

What a Team!

The World Series continues....two mighty, professional teams vie for the bragging rights for the next year.

On the other side of the reality series.....all creepy and Halloween-like sit the two powerhouses of this year's election....Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What a pair.......

Hillary has a team not to be denied when it comes to organization. Names like Podestra, Abadin, Brazille keep popping up......The Leader; Hillary, under FBI investigation for a) ALL KINDS of creepy espionage/treason things.......The Campaign Chair, Podestra had his emails leaked show8ing cheating, conniving, and much more.....Her right hand gal, Huma Abadin, now shown to have 600,000 emails, including apparently many entries....and all in possession of her husband who lost his Congressional seat, and apparently spends his retirement sexting with 15 year old girls...

Man what a powerhouse, and we have not here addressed Hill's hubby....nor the Foundation...two completely different, and really leazy bags of campaign stuff. There are not enough days now til the 8th to find it all. We might indict a President-elect and or her team.....OH WAIT, The DOJ head has already said no to MANY legal actions on such people, and after the hanger-meeting, she won't be indicting any of the dream team.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It Goes On and On....but half the population are impervious to facts.....!

"My mind is made up; do not confuse me with facts!"

The line is old, old, old....the facts are current. Day, after day, after day the Wickileaks facts come out and yet the Hillary folk, AND the Main Stream Media ignore them.....They act as if nothing is said at all.

I find it amazing that this continues.

I do so as I find this to be a total abdication of any adult consideration of the information available. The new reality is, "This is my candidate, they cannot be wrong....ever!"

What happened to thinking people who considered the information available and voted accodingly?

DO NOT give me the standard line of "made up" info....This information being disseminated by the  site which many know is one hacking which has not been CHALLENGED, DENIED, etc. by anyone. No they center on who is doing this....why are they doing it....????

The facts are there, but a complacent media....complacent HELL!!!  COMPLICIT is the real word. They ignore the story to perpetuate the Ideology of the Clinton horde!

I am sickened!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WTH??? The Amazing Idiocy of This Election!

I find the entire populace to be both "at fault" and "energized" by this election for President!

At 1st, I was amazed, enchanted and energized by the Trump campaign. He gave us a new perspective. He spoke of the illness in our political system. He told us the establishment cadidates were going to repeat what "we te people" were opposed to in the 1st place. He was RIGHT!

He plowed thru the establishment and the "faux" candidates with ease. He won early on, and then proved it in successive primaries.

Hillary won....despite the Sanders candidacy....with her backing of the entire DNC and its hatred for anything NOT HILLARY! Sanders folded like a cheap tent, and left for a few plane rides and his 3rd summer home! What a rotten jerk, playing upon the youth of the country while only interested in enriching himself.

Now....Trump seems bent upon killing his candidacy. He speaks ill, and looks like a loser, and I actually have been a supporter from the 1st.

Could he be a Hillary plant?   O.M.G.!

I am one of the many confused in this election which began as a time to do away with the establishment.

Damn, I feel generally betrayed!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"A This Point, What Does It Matter?"

That question, issued in apparent defiance and frustration that she could actually be called to account, is a question which will hang round Hillary's neck forever....Much like her hubby's infamous, "I did not have sex with that woman!"

"At this point what does it matter?" It matters because, after either you knew of repeated calls for additional security help from a near-frantic Ambassador of The United States and ignored them, or you were so out of the loop that the indications are you do not run anything, but delegate even the highest decisions to your minions.

"At this point what does it matter?" It matters because you told both your daughter and the Prime Minister of Egypt, within a day of the Benghazi event that it was terrorists, but continued thru days of public comment to specify that a near-unknown and unseen video was the public, to the media, and most significantly to the family and parents of the victims of your lack of judgement in a face-to-face with them.

"At this point what does it matter?" It matters because this entire event was hidden, buried, shoved below the radar so far by you and your willing minions and fellow-Democrats that to this day we still have only a partial picture. Because the President you wish to emulate and follow for 4 more years, still hides and obfuscates those who were there; and their information, which almost certainly is NOT friendly to your lies and deceit.

"At this point what does it matter?" Because, Madam tells the entire tale of your lack of character, truthfulness, and fitness to to be our Commander-In-Chief. What military/Ambassadorial/foreign-service professional would ever feel safe....and, why would the citizenry of this country trust you to do anything but feather your nest, and cover for any and all miscreant actions by yourself and your minions.

"At this point, Madam Secretary, it matters more than ever!"

Friday, June 24, 2016


Time for us to join in the beginnings offered up by a revolt of the folks in England, and environs, to GET OUT of the EU!  We are not, of course, members of the EU...but we find ourselves facing the same "World Govt." attitude the "Lords-on-high" in Brussels obviously envisioned for the EU and eventually for everyone.

Barry (Mr. Zero) obviously spoke to help the anti-BREXIT folks.....thank GOD!!!! Everything Barry supports fails.....Good for us, bad for him.

Wonder if, at this point, the Nobel Committee is having 2nd thoughts about their premature-ejaculation of an award for this tin horn phony?

Trump needs to play this to the HILT! It is what is going. WE, as an electorate, are tired of the current admin, and equally tired of the do-nothing opposition of the GOP! No matter who you elect you get the same with mild changes.

Trump, and his rise is the perfect storm of opposition to all our political idiots-in-charge. This is the same thing, backed by such as the BREXIT vote, that will land Trump as our next President, even with his bumps, worts, and such!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tinkers to Evers to Chance!

Not many who read this will even know what the headline refers to.....But it is pertinent!

The reference above is to a baseball play wherein three great players used to produce the double-play out in an inning.

The facts of my post dictate the communication involved....both immediate, and coordinated. Making a double play is NOT easy. It requires players who know what they are doing, and a recognition of the situation.

The reference is to the fact that we have many players today in the security of the people of this country. That series of players failed in the Orlando mass-killing. Guns WERE NOT THE PROBLEM! Communication was.

The Islamist Terrorist killer was both trained and ready to do his dastardly deed. He was born an Islamist. He was educated an Islamist. He was the product of two trips to Saudi Arabia....for purposes unknown...and DOES ANYONE NOTICE A PATTERN HERE???

Hie fellow employees OF A COMPANY WORKING FOR HOMELAND SECURITY.... Told their employers of his threats to "kill people", but the contractor, apparently wished to avoid conflict and the dreaded "political correctness", issue of doing anything about the threats and language ANY OTHER EMPLOYEE WOULD HAVE FOUND FODDER FOR DIS EMPLOYMENT did nothing!

His former wife told of beatings.

The FBI interviewed him three times.....twice in 2013 and a third time in 2014, but found cause to do anything....BUT...They also failed to alert the Orlando/Port St. Lucie Police of their investigation so the locals could have watched him.

The lack of communication found the basic cause of 911, and of the Oklahoma Bombing, remains in tact.

We, as a nation, need to make the security of our citizens prime!

It currently is not!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Look Ahead!

Here we are folks......the year 2025. How amazing.....Just think back to those dark ages of the early teens in this century.

UPS and FEDEX, and The USPS, plus numerous other wanna-bees were still delivering their packages by pilot-flown airplanes. What a joke. Now we all know robot pilots are much more efficient, fly longer, with fewer mistakes, and for more years than the former "Live" models!

& How about that picture still in the older-folks mind of a truck, painted in the colors of their company, rolling up, and a bouncy delivery person bringing your boxes to the door....ANTIQUE!

I have not heard in some time of a problem with the neighborhood delivery vehicle stopping in the middle of a multi-block area, and drones dispatching in several directions to drop your package at the front door.

Most of this flashed through my mind as i sat by the back door waiting for the delivery-drone from my former drive-thru liquor store as it brought my delivery to the back porch steps (gotta keep some things from the neighbors ya know!)

I'm pretty pleased i do not even have to take the car to the dealer for servicing.....The robotic driver knows when it is time, and let;s my phone know it will be gone for three hours while driven to the service center and then returned.

Crap! Now I have to get to the door to welcome the little delivery-bot with my groceries. He makes a mess if i do not get the door open and allow him access to my pantry.

Oh well, life is hard, but robots help!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


That was the phrase of a weight loss guru in the 90s or applies to this year's Presidential race. The facts are this is like no Presidential election seen in decades!

The problem for me is that I see obfuscation, ignoring-the-facts, and a lot more from the media and the political parties. They are refusing to "re-frame" this election in to what it is....still trying to make this the samo-samo we have been subjected to for those decades.


The stalwart so-called conservative party, the GOP, has suddenly been forced to come face-to-face with a new leader. A leader they can neither control, nor ignore. Their dilemma, as folks who have been in charge for lo these many elections, is profound! They seem to be stuck at this point in the mode of trying to make the new "Trumpism" fit the party mold......IT DOES NOT! The "Trumpism" is the NEW GOP.....voters completely revolting against the GOP which first could not win, and then when they did, projected a DEM-Lite image of action.

In addition, there are millions of DEMs who are finding the Trump approach of "bomb them" to be fine as long as he follows thru on removing the old political norms.....the REAL problem!

Trump is not a miracle-man....he is the anti-Christ of politics. He represents the majority view, in my opinion, of less government, and less Washington in EVERYTHING!!!!!

We shall see how this plays out....but, one thing I know for sure....the old line DEMs and GOPs will fight for their territory any way they can......and that may well include the most stringent of the GOP placing a 3rd party candidate to sabotage  Trump, just to give the election to Hillary and maintain, for this election cycle, the old line pols.

Time will tell....but, for me, Trump is the answer, flawed as it may be!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Confusion...But, not so much....Really!

The pundits, traditional party spokesmen, party apparatchiks, and many others are offering up all sorts of explanations/opinions/advice as to what IS for the 2016 election cycle.

It is almost comical to read their interpretations, and opinions.

The "almost" comes from a knowledge they are mostly missing the prime theme which will decide the election, and the future of this my humble opinion!

The populace are DISGUSTED! That is, the open-minded, middle-of-the-road populace are DISGUSTED!

AND, they are the ones who will decide this election!

They will because the folks from bot the far right and far left are entrenched, permanent voters. Their vote will not be changed.....even if Trump did something dispicable or Hillary were to be indicted by a DEM-controlled DOJ (OK, here we take a break for the laughter to subside!).

This election is not decided. It is not close to being decided.

The sparks, and volumes of ads, opinions, etc. should be interesting, even as the old-line media and political pundits miss the mark right up til the election.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Obama heading toward "full-crash-mode" To End His Presidency

This President, and I use that term VERY loosely with Mr. Obama, is heading toward a critical mass of obliteration of his Presidency and seemingly enjoying either the idea of such, or he is oblivious to it. I believe it is the 2nd choice which prevails.

Obama has been a seeker of his own imagined success from the start of his ill-designed term. The world did not help when the now long-disparaged Nobel folks sent him further into never-never land with their "Peace Prize" for a President still in the diapers of presidential control.

Since that almost-frivolous escapade of liberal idiocy it has been a comedy of errors as Obama toured the world, acting the apologetic clown for his imagined "wrongs" committed by the USA on almost everyone!

Then he seemed to shift gears in his (WHAT THE HELL!) 2nd term and move to a state of driving the USA into a country of not apology, but instead, abandonment of any and all principles of what we have stood for for decades! The amazing thing, to me, is that the Democrat Party followed along, almost lock-step. Can they not see his efforts and the result of same?

I wonder now how the GOP can find a way to drop the Obama failures, and find a way to give Hillary the Presidency....much to the end of the actual GOP.....???

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Definition of Serious Is Heightened by Former ABSCAM FBI Agents Letter!

The facts are already know, at least partially, by most of the populace....

Now comes some support from the last BIG round of Govt. big shots snared in their lies and deceit.

This is SERIOUS!

Many, even in Washington, and given Obama's tusk-tusk, and the rest of the folks in Washington acting as if they all know the answer, but have no access to the investigation (contradiction here folks?????).......are adding fuel to the fire, not hosing it to silence!

This is monumental, and the results could be HUGE! Particularly if the rule of law is laughed at by Washington (Read....Obama, DOJ, etc.)

Soon we will know!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Vitriol.....Run Rampant!

I am ashamed that this magnificent country has fallen on these times. There is no country (with power) which at this time thinks we are the country we were 8 years ago!

Obama has taken this proud nation, in a time of stress in the world, and managed to remove us from the sphere of influence almost single-highhandedly. More importantly, he has managed to allow the despots of the world....from China to Russia to N. Korea to Iran and much more to KNOW that we, as a nation, will do NOTHING in the face of anything they do!

What a sad moment for the United States of America!

Perhaps the future President will begin to reclaim the status of this country....But certainly not under the guise of the folks in the Hillary Camp who find Obama a magnificent leader!

Trump?  Who knows what reality lies behind the facade of words of littlew worth but much deriding of everyone else.

Cruz?  Who knows, but there is little chance he will prevail.

Rubio?  Who knows, but he is light with experience, and frankly his finest chops have come int he past two days of return assualt upon the Trump deriding of any and all who seem a threat!

I am less than impressed, but then Hilldabeast is not a formidable person given a general election in which 60% of the electorate knew her not except as an old lady who was involved in politics.

Who knows....certainly not me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let us Frame Obama's Supreme Choice by His Own Actions!

Now the words of the orator come....he declares that there is "plenty of time" for his nominee, and no reason at all for the obstructionist GOP Senate to halt the process.

Several thoughts pertinent to the process come to mind.

First, this President, beyond the pale of any before him, has decided that he and he alone can decide many things decided in the order of the triumvirate of power for the rest of the 200 years we have been in existence.This fact alone should completely disqualify him from selecting a new Justice of the Supreme Court, and by his very nature and statements, further damaging the separation of powers in our constitution.

Second, this President has, again by his actions, demonstrated a complete and narcissistic refusal to accept any but himself as the decider of any government action, frequently, nay, mostly choosing instead to state his own mind, and replace the will of the people and the vast historical precedent because he "knows" he is right.

This second statement is backed by the absolute avoidance of any attempts by this President to reach out, and work with Congress, but rather to avoid entirely any form of communication with Congress, and then to quickly label the Congress as "obstructionist" because it did not agree with him.

No, this man, an absolute vision of narcissistic behavior is less than a qualified individual to decide the future balance of our Supreme Court for, possibly, the next three decades.

We are justified as a nation in asking to wait for a more sane and Constitutionally-enjoined President to decide such a matter! On that topic, let us pray we get one!