Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Look Ahead!

Here we are folks......the year 2025. How amazing.....Just think back to those dark ages of the early teens in this century.

UPS and FEDEX, and The USPS, plus numerous other wanna-bees were still delivering their packages by pilot-flown airplanes. What a joke. Now we all know robot pilots are much more efficient, fly longer, with fewer mistakes, and for more years than the former "Live" models!

& How about that picture still in the older-folks mind of a truck, painted in the colors of their company, rolling up, and a bouncy delivery person bringing your boxes to the door....ANTIQUE!

I have not heard in some time of a problem with the neighborhood delivery vehicle stopping in the middle of a multi-block area, and drones dispatching in several directions to drop your package at the front door.

Most of this flashed through my mind as i sat by the back door waiting for the delivery-drone from my former drive-thru liquor store as it brought my delivery to the back porch steps (gotta keep some things from the neighbors ya know!)

I'm pretty pleased i do not even have to take the car to the dealer for servicing.....The robotic driver knows when it is time, and let;s my phone know it will be gone for three hours while driven to the service center and then returned.

Crap! Now I have to get to the door to welcome the little delivery-bot with my groceries. He makes a mess if i do not get the door open and allow him access to my pantry.

Oh well, life is hard, but robots help!

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