Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Of Course they did! Misplaced support for a regime that is playing them for fools!

This makes me SAD!!!

I am truly a fan of the NORK being totally cut off, but many libs seem to think they can "make nice" and gain a true response from the NK controllers!

Not so!

There is A Crack; Lets Tear Down The Wall!

It is called OVERKILL!

Take a few words of particularly sensitive type, buried in the THIRD verse of our National Anthem (when was the last time you heard anyone anywhere sing anything beyond the 1st verse?) and utilize that to kill off any use of the entire anthem.

This form of logic can and will kill off anything of substance about the formation and operation of this mighty nation.....(think: Offensive statues of great men who might have owned a slave at a time when that was the law of the land).

Sure feels as if the liberal side of things is much more concerned about negatives than it is about any form of positive. This United States of America was built on OPTIMISM!

Friday, February 2, 2018

IRS, Your Speed Merchant for Fixing Problems They Created!

1730 Days later....They issue a final apology.

However, despite a rather bland apology there is still ZERO accountability, and not a soul was fired in the entire process which took those 1730 days. The Swamp lives, and seems owned by the DEM party, with minor support from entrenched GOPs.

Sad situation which i hope gets addressed before Trump leaves office.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

We Are Still in The Swamp Toto!

The multiple and almost violent attempts by the FBI and DEM Rep. Schiff to avoid release of the FISA memo are signs WE ARE STILL deeply mired in the swamp!

 While I am eagerly awaiting the release, and anticipating much upset from DEMs, FBI and DOJ...all of whom have stonewalled in one form or another, I realize this is not the end, but the beginning of finding out the real problems in DC....

Keep in mind the Nunes committee has had the FISA info for A YEAR! They did not let it out until A DAY AFTER the FISA operation had been renewed by Congress. Had they let it out a year ago we might have seen a much bigger fight against FISA operating at all.

Meanwhile the stonewalling of information tells the tale about FBI & DOJ. They know they did things not acceptable, and most likely completely illegal. That has yet to play out and could well impact the Mueller investigation making it so much junk.

Get your popcorn bowl filled, grab a drink and pull up your fave recliner folks. The shxx is yet to hit the proverbial fan!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"Americans Are Dreamers Too!"

The President, in last night's SOTU, made efforts to provide ample room for DEMs and GOPs to have a platform where they can work out a great compromise on Illegal Immigration/Dreamers, et al. The DEMs, however, took the opportunity to show the people of America just how deep in their rut of obstructionism they are.

That was but one indicator of the DEMs complete lack of any form of cooperation. There were many more. Not standing to acknowledge our Veterans; Pelosi looking like she was about to chew up and swallow her own tongue as she stewed over the fact the President even had the chance to speak. Pelosi looking like a Gestapo Major as she rose to berate one of her party for standing and applauding at one point. Among Pelosi, Hoyer and Schumer there was indeed a cloud over Washington....THEIR CLOUD of opposition.

If the DEMs continue such public displays of complete opposition to any and all forms of cooperation/discussion, they are paving their way to obscurity and becoming the party of NO IMPACT! The 2018 elections look brighter and brighter for the GOP.

The singular DEM message is: NOPE!

That, my readers, is not a message leading to voter support....particularly from independents upon whom elections are won or lost. If indeed the DEMs wish to have any gains in 2018 they better find a different hymnal from which to sing. Just my opinion....

Friday, January 26, 2018

May Day, May Day.....We Are Going Down!

DEM Rep Adam Schiff sounds off like a ship klaxon at sea on a ship in distress!

The reverberating DEM drumbeat of terror indicates the depth of the problems they and the complicit leadership of DOJ and FBI face.

I am, as I oft have noted, sitting here, popcorn at my side, watching the slow-motion train wreck as it occurs. Joy on my face that finally the story created by deep state treachery among more than one department of the government is about to be unveiled to the beat of a perp march or ten!

Sit back, and watch. Please do not enjoy as this problem being dealt with is going to move us back to Russian-KGB levels of activity...NOT the much  hoped-for collusion by Trump made up by the players involved.

Sadness, but gladness it will finally become apparent and perhaps we can begin the slow process of using our many talented, dedicated and LOYAL DOJ and FBI personnel to regain trust from the citizenry, amid the censure and imprisonment of those who would be kings!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Well ain't that a SUR-PRIZE!!!!


Top DOJ folks have their panties in a wad!

What possible reason could they have for jnot wanting this FISA information out? OH YEAH! It apparently involves some top DOJ/FBI folks in tactics which smack heavily of outright subversion of our entire intelligence apparatus by the Obama Admin and/or Clinton folks.

The REAL mistake here would be NOT releasing the memo.

The louder the pig squeals, the closer he is to the chopping block. With the DOJ/FBI already besieged by reports of all forms of out-of-bounds actions by top officials it is critical to beginning to restore confidence and root out "deep state" operatives that we DO release the memo, and the sooner, the better.

Get back to open government with our ability to believe these least to a higher degree than we currently believe the so-called main stream media! That should not be hard to achieve given the media's bargain-basement ratings as to believability!