Sunday, April 30, 2017

& Then The Media Became Self-Empowered!

And it came to be, in the newsrooms of the USA that there were droves of "journalists"...self-appointed, based upon their journo-school, and political leanings, who decided they were, in fact, THE people who knew what was, and what should be. They were so self-assured that they determined, in concert and singularly that they were obligated to tell the people of the USA what the think; how to think it; and when to think it. Their hubris knows no bounds.

They cannot even fathom that this strange beast, a non-politician, is eating their lunch, and making them even more the clowns than they were. The score, despite their 89% negative stories on Trump, is somewhere in the range of Trump 78 and the media 15 with a few still not in touch!

Keep it up media idiots! You shall join the Democrat Party in suicide by idiocy!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

It wasn't me...But, if it was....It is "Their" fault!

The dodging, twisting, lying obfuscation coming from Obama, Clinton, and other Democrat sources (YES, including the Left-Owned so-called "Main Stream" Media) regarding the so-called Russian involvement in impacting our election process is the most comprehensive and "fake news" effort I have ever witnessed!

Despite the best efforts of these lefty mouthpieces the fact remains....the emails exposed have not been denied, proven wrong, or disputed by ANYONE (Well, except DNC temporary "leader" Brazile who gives vague and lacking-in-detail assurances they are untrue), NOT ONE of them!

These Democrats were shown in the emails to be liars, cheats, manipulators of the media, and much more by the devastating content of the emails. These folks are squealing loudly about foreign interference in our process....but, in no way disputing the emails, and the facts they contain.

I am assuming their attitude can do what you want to lie, cheat, interfere-with, etc. but as long as you don't get caught it is O.K.

Most amazing of all to me are the legions of DEM supporters who will blindly latch on to whatever argument is offered by the DEMs and their Media-minions, and simply accept it as truth. The DEMs can do no wrong.

Get a life people. I admit I watch FOXNews.....and they provide more complete info than the rest of the so-called main stream media combined.....but, I also check the other sources to see what is being offered....I read from many sources.

Even should I accept as fact the Russians were hacking and exposing DEMs, particularly Hillary and her staff/advisors, I still say....1) The exposure of facts is not a bad thing, and, 2) The fact the hacks occurred all across the past 8 Obama years, and were not addressed by him or his party, makes his sudden interest and objection after a losing election, all the more political.

Monday, December 26, 2016

New Beginnings....Old Democrat Message!

How sad that one party, (while claiming the high ground in gender politics, middle-class concerns, and transparency....but in reality providing exactly the opposite), still continues to be the obstructionists organization.

They lose to a candidate offering exactly their opposite, but still yell shrilly that they care, and their minions just simply cannot understand how they lost.....

Meanwhile the DEMs find EVERY cause dujour which has nothing to do with their actual loss....Comey, Russians, and on and on......Until such time as they accept their defeat and move on they will continue to lose!

Perhaps i should shut up, just in case I awaken their realization of the facts!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Beginnings! - Old Denials!

January 2017 will bring a President Donald Trump. With his swearing in will come major changes from the ham-handed, slip-shod Presidency of Obama.

Likely scenario......not necessarily in this order.....

Repeal/withdraw/kill....whatever the correct term....ALL Obama executive orders! That single step will provide fodder for a major rebound in business growth in this nation, with jobs rebuilding a near direct result.

ObamaCare, repealed...replaced....& a HUGE mistake will be undone. The cost will continue for some time. The replacement will be cheaper, easier, lower deductibles, and actually sustainable if the Trump/GOP know what is good for them.

HALT Muslim refugee immigration UNTIL we have a secure, trusted method of backgrounding and identification as to the folks we are bringing in. A part of this is a simple return to compliance with existing laws!

BUILD THE WALL! - Make Mexico pay for it by deducting fees from each and every $ transfer from the USA illegals back to Mexico. BILLIONS of our dollars are being exported while we pay for the care and keeping of the illegals! As stated above, a part of this is a simple return to compliance with existing laws. NOTE: a major part of this process.....take away ALL federal dollars to any "Sanctuary City".

REDO the Veteran's Administration which is nothing more than a vast money pit where our dollars go to support a multitude of incompetent, badly-led, bureaucrats unaccountable to anyone! Kill this beast and give vets a credit card for medical care. PERIOD!

Curb the vast business control bureaucracy under EPA, BLM, and myriad other federal agencies. 

DISARM and disband the quasi-military forces Obama has built into many federal agencies....Bureau of Land Management....Department of Education....and on and on....These folks have NO NEED for a small army!

Well, there you have it folks.....a good start....Lets keep score and see what will be done!

Hang on kiddies....this ride could be interesting!

Monday, October 31, 2016

What a Team!

The World Series continues....two mighty, professional teams vie for the bragging rights for the next year.

On the other side of the reality series.....all creepy and Halloween-like sit the two powerhouses of this year's election....Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What a pair.......

Hillary has a team not to be denied when it comes to organization. Names like Podestra, Abadin, Brazille keep popping up......The Leader; Hillary, under FBI investigation for a) ALL KINDS of creepy espionage/treason things.......The Campaign Chair, Podestra had his emails leaked show8ing cheating, conniving, and much more.....Her right hand gal, Huma Abadin, now shown to have 600,000 emails, including apparently many entries....and all in possession of her husband who lost his Congressional seat, and apparently spends his retirement sexting with 15 year old girls...

Man what a powerhouse, and we have not here addressed Hill's hubby....nor the Foundation...two completely different, and really leazy bags of campaign stuff. There are not enough days now til the 8th to find it all. We might indict a President-elect and or her team.....OH WAIT, The DOJ head has already said no to MANY legal actions on such people, and after the hanger-meeting, she won't be indicting any of the dream team.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It Goes On and On....but half the population are impervious to facts.....!

"My mind is made up; do not confuse me with facts!"

The line is old, old, old....the facts are current. Day, after day, after day the Wickileaks facts come out and yet the Hillary folk, AND the Main Stream Media ignore them.....They act as if nothing is said at all.

I find it amazing that this continues.

I do so as I find this to be a total abdication of any adult consideration of the information available. The new reality is, "This is my candidate, they cannot be wrong....ever!"

What happened to thinking people who considered the information available and voted accodingly?

DO NOT give me the standard line of "made up" info....This information being disseminated by the  site which many know is one hacking which has not been CHALLENGED, DENIED, etc. by anyone. No they center on who is doing this....why are they doing it....????

The facts are there, but a complacent media....complacent HELL!!!  COMPLICIT is the real word. They ignore the story to perpetuate the Ideology of the Clinton horde!

I am sickened!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WTH??? The Amazing Idiocy of This Election!

I find the entire populace to be both "at fault" and "energized" by this election for President!

At 1st, I was amazed, enchanted and energized by the Trump campaign. He gave us a new perspective. He spoke of the illness in our political system. He told us the establishment cadidates were going to repeat what "we te people" were opposed to in the 1st place. He was RIGHT!

He plowed thru the establishment and the "faux" candidates with ease. He won early on, and then proved it in successive primaries.

Hillary won....despite the Sanders candidacy....with her backing of the entire DNC and its hatred for anything NOT HILLARY! Sanders folded like a cheap tent, and left for a few plane rides and his 3rd summer home! What a rotten jerk, playing upon the youth of the country while only interested in enriching himself.

Now....Trump seems bent upon killing his candidacy. He speaks ill, and looks like a loser, and I actually have been a supporter from the 1st.

Could he be a Hillary plant?   O.M.G.!

I am one of the many confused in this election which began as a time to do away with the establishment.

Damn, I feel generally betrayed!