Sunday, March 25, 2018

Someone Please Help Me Understand......???

I simply cannot understand the current uproar over guns...types of guns....age of gun owners and Government interference/regulation of gun ownership.

WHY?....Do folks feel that gun control of any sort will change such things as the infrequent school shootings? YES, they are infrequent....& getting to be less frequent.

The comparisons to cars/knives/type-of-gun, etc. are mostly is the statement oft echoed by the gun rights supporters (I am one, and an NRA member for years) "Guns don't kill people; people kill people!"

While there are massive differences in these types of death and/or violence, all can be traced to intent and to such things as societal norms today. It matters not whether a crazed gunman invading a school  or a distracted driver texting while driving cause the death. They remain the same. Someone dies. There are, of course, MANY more deaths caused by distracted driving than by guns.

As for the oft-used derogatory comments and shaming of the NRA and its members....remember one thing.....The 2nd Amendment is their basic premise for the "leave-my-guns-alone group (again, in fairness, I am one!)  The NRA espouses nothing more than keeping Govt. OUT OF our given constitutional rights!

Government interference almost without exception results in our giving up rights. Using misstated information promulgated by liberals who LOVE big government provide this to a public quick to demand a cure for societal problems....almost always by issuing MORE LAWS!

Most of the mass-shootings (hate that term) result from signs missed by a government, national or state, which could have predicted the event or something similar.

It is time for people to insist that we first ENFORCE the laws and follow the supposed guidelines for operation of our multitude of policing, and societal support. That would have been way more effective in the Parkland shooting than any of the proposed laws being forwarded by a little-informed, and misled public.

As an addendum, I hate literally the anti-gun crowd playing our youth with partial-facts and instant-solution rhetoric....all of which translates into more govt. control.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sorry, But NRA, and AR15s are not to blame.....The Failed System Is!

The fact is there were SWORN DEPUTIES on site, and in addition to the Resource Officer, who shirked their duty, remaining forever enshrined as "COWARDS".....Kids DIED because of their cowardice!

What a sad commentary to the Broward Sheriff....

He attacks the NRA, and meanwhile MANY lives could have been saved if the Broward Cowards had acted upon their sworn duty!

I, as a licensed Concealed Carry person, could not imagine I would not have charged the stairs of the building and faced the gunman....MY GOD! He was shooting innocent kids! The sworn deputies were hiding from the fight. What amazing cowards!  There is NO ARGUMENT justifying this. NONE!

Someone needs to make Sheriff Isreal eat his words about NRA, and then explain his completely ridiculous deputies behavior and ask him why he should not resign!

He is the penultimate picture of incompetence leading to the deaths of a number of students and teachers.

Mr. Sheriff, you need to just get the hell out of your job and let someone capable handle it!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

We Are Blessed With a Youth Full of Ignorance!

When we were young, we worshiped the fact of God, Country and Brotherhood. That is those of us from the era of 1940s, 1950s, 1960s....

Then came the era of free love, lots of drugs, and the bliss of we can survive.

Followed by the years of development of a society driven by the 60s free-drugs/love folks who moved to education. They educated our youth to the ideals of socialism, free everything and good times for all with NO obligations.

We are still heavily mired in this morass of everything should be free....because...freedom!

Those of us old enough to remember the fact of God, Country, Brotherhood are completely discounted by the folks bent upon being open and free, and socialist...even if they don't call ti that.

They are the younger generation who feel the country "Owes them" just because. The cou ntry is BAD...because they are not nurtured enough at the teat of society.

They are our demise as a nation.....Unless, we make things change, and use the Trump ideals to force change and responsibility by EACH and EVERY one of us for what we are, do, and achieve!

Nuff said!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Of Course they did! Misplaced support for a regime that is playing them for fools!

This makes me SAD!!!

I am truly a fan of the NORK being totally cut off, but many libs seem to think they can "make nice" and gain a true response from the NK controllers!

Not so!

There is A Crack; Lets Tear Down The Wall!

It is called OVERKILL!

Take a few words of particularly sensitive type, buried in the THIRD verse of our National Anthem (when was the last time you heard anyone anywhere sing anything beyond the 1st verse?) and utilize that to kill off any use of the entire anthem.

This form of logic can and will kill off anything of substance about the formation and operation of this mighty nation.....(think: Offensive statues of great men who might have owned a slave at a time when that was the law of the land).

Sure feels as if the liberal side of things is much more concerned about negatives than it is about any form of positive. This United States of America was built on OPTIMISM!

Friday, February 2, 2018

IRS, Your Speed Merchant for Fixing Problems They Created!

1730 Days later....They issue a final apology.

However, despite a rather bland apology there is still ZERO accountability, and not a soul was fired in the entire process which took those 1730 days. The Swamp lives, and seems owned by the DEM party, with minor support from entrenched GOPs.

Sad situation which i hope gets addressed before Trump leaves office.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

We Are Still in The Swamp Toto!

The multiple and almost violent attempts by the FBI and DEM Rep. Schiff to avoid release of the FISA memo are signs WE ARE STILL deeply mired in the swamp!

 While I am eagerly awaiting the release, and anticipating much upset from DEMs, FBI and DOJ...all of whom have stonewalled in one form or another, I realize this is not the end, but the beginning of finding out the real problems in DC....

Keep in mind the Nunes committee has had the FISA info for A YEAR! They did not let it out until A DAY AFTER the FISA operation had been renewed by Congress. Had they let it out a year ago we might have seen a much bigger fight against FISA operating at all.

Meanwhile the stonewalling of information tells the tale about FBI & DOJ. They know they did things not acceptable, and most likely completely illegal. That has yet to play out and could well impact the Mueller investigation making it so much junk.

Get your popcorn bowl filled, grab a drink and pull up your fave recliner folks. The shxx is yet to hit the proverbial fan!