Monday, February 27, 2012

The Speed of Life!......Ever Faster!

When I was a kid, admittedly decades ago, there was such a relaxed life style. Doors were left unlocked, unless we were leaving town for a vacation, and what was the difference anyhow as the doors were locked with skeleton keys which everyone had!

Not so today. We have deadbolts, super-locks, and multiple keys plus electronic alarm systems able to notify us by cell phone if someone arms/disarms our system, or enters the building. More to the point, there is an atmosphere of fear of something happening.

I seriously fear for my kids/grand kids future life! What will they live with?????

I remember the slow, relaxed life of doing nothing a lot of the day. I did that! Now, I move from laptop to large-screen TV for the news......I only remain in two locations as I refuse to take my laptop to the living room where the TV s located! I am, of course, an anachronism! The young live on their ipads/TV/laptops/etc.

I am concerned for their future!