Friday, July 28, 2017

Ya Can't Fix Stupid!....Thus the GOP Again Wilts & Dies!

John McCain is no doubt a super-patriot. He is a long-serving Senator. He proved his stripes once again last night as an idealist/RINO.....hiding under the cover of "We need openness!" he cast the destructive vote concluding the 7 year GOP quest to end ObamaCare, or at least begin the repeal of its most odious features.

He accomplished NOTHING in terms of his stated goal....openness and cooperation.

Let me ask John one question.....When, from the inception of Government control of health care legislation through sneaky, squeaky passage of same in a shameful display of deals/hidden and twisted DEM arms, and then on down through the years as DEMs crowed and displayed ZERO inclination to adjust or change the legislation, have those DEMs ever indicated they would do else but negotiate and work together to SPEND MORE and end up in single-payer Govt, control of the 1/6th part of the US economy under healthcare?   The correct answer, Mr. Senator McCain, is N-E-V-E-R!

That makes your statement last night and your joining with your fellow DEMs a total success for them, and a destructive, stupidly-reasoned blow to your alledged party of choice.

RINO ONE! That needs to be his call sign.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Well, yeah...but we meant well!

The title suggests the theme of most Main Stream (Lame Stream) media reactions when caught in lies, deceit, and misinformation.

They seek cover under the Constitution as if they were the stalwarts of  protection of our freedoms! Instead they are the very antithesis of the freedom of speech...intending to both squelch the free speech of those opposed to their ideology, and cover themselves as the rightful purveyors of their free speech to keep the population under their thumb.

How very, very sad!

As a newsman some 40 years ago, I remember well the age when we, as newsmen, found it our charge to provide to our listeners/viewers the facts as presented by both sides.

NO editorial opinion!

NO slanted coverage.

IF WE FELT the need, and offered editorial comment, we did so by labeling it up front as such!

The times have changed, and today's circus media feel empowered to direct our views, offer their opinion as fact, and ignore the actual in favor of the fiction of their own opinion!