Monday, May 28, 2012

This one is GREAT!!!! A triple threat controlled?

Well, not yet....but inflammation, rapid aging and development of cancer have been traced to one gene!!! Possible control of these is a marvelous thing to help us age we should

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Priorities....We Humans Seem To Get It Wrong!

There should be, a rational being would believe, a system of priorities among a species as cognizant as are we. There are, after all, certain things that would tell even a lower animal that survival is the number one. 

We lost our cat, Jackie, in the wilds of Colorado last Summer. She got out a window of the motor home overnight and we looked for a day for her. 8 weeks later she turned up, despite the presence of wild cats, and other predators where she escaped. She was unharmed. In reading up on house cats (she'd never been loose outside) which are suddenly outside, they seek a hiding place 1st. Their 1st goal is not shelter, food, water....It is instead survival.

The human species in all its intelligence seems almost to avoid that survival least as a species. Instead we busy ourselves with wars, budgets, societal issues that will not mean a hill of beans in 10 to 50 years...let alone centuries.

My feeling, for years, has been that there is a certainty that this planet will face another catastrophic impact of a meteor in the future such as that experienced 60,000,000 years ago, wiping out almost everything on the Earth's face. That fact alone would seem to dictate that we would take our new-found space capability and expand upon it until we can send some folks to live 1st on Mars....and eventually into outer space to find habitation on a nearby (as galactic distances go) planet in a second solar system.

Nope. We have, instead dropped space from our plans and in stead turned it over to private industry, ill-funded to accomplish this expansion in less than perhaps one hundred years at a minimum and up to three or four hundred years at a maximum...largely dependent upon our development of a much faster space drive.

Our governments, while launching satellites, and planning lunar visits exhibit no taste for even Mars. They'd rather spend their time fighting over religion, oil, and land control.

Meanwhile, the average time between cataclysmic events has elapsed, and we are on borrowed time as a species.

Too bad man is so narrow-minded and shortsighted. It could cost us our survival!



Friday, May 4, 2012

Keep It Hidden!

The seeming battle-cry of both political parties....else why would we find the cost of living figures from our marvelous ruling-class DO NOT include Food and Fuel? They are at the very least the most volatile items in all pricing, changing more quickly than homes/medical care, etc. They manage to do the same with Unemployment figures. Currently the picture is worse, but the unemployment figure dropped one-tenth point! How you might excluding all those who have given up seeking employment! Thus, with even fewer new jobs created, we see a miniscule drop in unemployment. In actual numbers, the folks unemployed looking or not, and those greatly under-employed, we are nearer to 12% unemployment. Sad how we allow our govt. to mislead us as they live in the never-never land of Washington D.C.'s Beltway..... Duke