Friday, May 4, 2012

Keep It Hidden!

The seeming battle-cry of both political parties....else why would we find the cost of living figures from our marvelous ruling-class DO NOT include Food and Fuel? They are at the very least the most volatile items in all pricing, changing more quickly than homes/medical care, etc. They manage to do the same with Unemployment figures. Currently the picture is worse, but the unemployment figure dropped one-tenth point! How you might excluding all those who have given up seeking employment! Thus, with even fewer new jobs created, we see a miniscule drop in unemployment. In actual numbers, the folks unemployed looking or not, and those greatly under-employed, we are nearer to 12% unemployment. Sad how we allow our govt. to mislead us as they live in the never-never land of Washington D.C.'s Beltway..... Duke

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  1. Something for everyone, or as David says, figures don't lie, but liars figure.