Friday, June 26, 2015

Terrible Times.....

Have you noticed?

Everyone has a cause, and they are rabid about it....

Irate people are everywhere.....even those who "Win" for their cause are vindictive. The current theme seems to be "extract vengeance", even after winning....I find it everywhere.....

John Boehner, GOP leader in the House of the U. S. Congress.....will allow no independence within his ranks, and any who oppose him on a vote will be removed from prestigious positions; chairmanship, etc.

Those who win in a ruling from our Supreme it on ObamaCare or Gay Marriage, are not satisfied with, they want to extract a certain amount of I am vindicated, allow me to castigate you!

Sad, very, very sad.

This is America......WE ARE NOT ENEMIES!!!!! We are Americans 1st, and we seek to make our house the house of our freedoms, and our rights.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Washington Removed!

George Washington, formerly known as The Father of Our Country is hereby officially removed from that title, He was, (Shudder, shake) after all, a slave owner. As we need to have a founding father we will now substitute in his place Martha Washington....his wife whom we have it on good authority actually more-than-once cut off George's bed-privileges after finding him "being friendly with the employees".....

In addition Martha will proudly take her place on our $1 bill.....The Washington Monument will get a new statue of her, and even Washington, D.C. will henceforth be known as Marthaston! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OK! I've Had It With Food Supply Problems.....

Every day a new headline to scare you out of eating something (hummmm, wonder why none of this has helped reduce my weight?).

I'm gonna move to the country, preferably the hills of N. Georgia, or N. Carolina......Small place with 4-5 acres, a small barn. Pens for my own chickens to lay eggs and provide sustenance. A cow or two to provide fresh milk, and eventually naturally-produced beef. Add a couple BIG dogs to protect my turf from marauding animals.

Now, to find a couple farm-oriented folk to handle all this (WHAT?, me milk, slaughter, etc-????). Oh, and with my budget they need to work free for a place to live and joining in the food use....

OK, well, I'll just be a bit more selective in what I consume!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Bush/Clinton.....part deux/tre........WTH????

I am an old line believer in the fact Bush (2) was more the man than the current 100% political, "wreck the establishment" Prez..... While this may not be shared by many, Bush (2) left us with a big problem in economy and employment, it will be much more palatable to those who understand what has followed for nearing 7 years has been dramatically worse for the overall health of our country!
The numbers are always what you make them.....BUT some are irrefutable.....including LOWERED average income; RAISED % of folks who are not in the work force.......

  Another major loss by the Obama regime has been the MASSIVE structuring of Govt. controlling business, and private citizens......Can you imagine Ms. Bush trying to decide the diet of our school children....or, President Bush being allowed the liberty (minus MAJOR media opposition) being allowed to begin writing and signing off on laws/rules as he saw fit?  GET REAL!

The times, they are a changin.........not for the good!

& It cannot be blamed, after 7 years, upon the previous President.......despite the best efforts of the "Chicago Mafia"..........This Prez has now provided nothing to grow an at best moribund economy, but has, instead managed to sabotage any new growth by regulating everything but the time of day our business folk take a major dump.....and he may even bring that on in his final telling us we HAVE TO count the number of squares of toilet tissue we utilize in our daily major movements!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

One Small Step for Mankind!......Etc.!!!

I have long espoused the idea that there is a limit to the ridiculous risk of Little-Ol-Mankind staying on this BIG BLUE MARBLE!..... Earth is a small infinitesimal piece of solar junk in a huge crowd of much larger, much more viable junk, in a field of HUGE pieces of space that we cannot even fathom!

AND....we are now ALONE and VULNERABLE! ......

The facts are folks, that IF mankind is to survive we need locations.....NOT on Mars, although that could be great practice.....BUT INSTEAD outward bound to another system somewhere, and eventually outward bound BEYOND this "small" little galaxy!

Boggles the mind does it not?

Mankind is a small insect on the face of one galaxy of this universe. Survival, in my humble opinion, includes "getting the hell out of here!"

We need HUMAN OUTPOSTS!....places where we can, independently, survive....because we may find ourselves alone in the outpost at any time. What IF!!!!  A large asteroid collides  with this BIG BLUE MARBLE???  We could find ourselves immediately, or more excruciatingly slowly removed from the race of the solar system.

Given a "FEW" bases in other parts of the galaxy we may survive....even that is risky and not with any solid possible of this human race surviving.

What means the politics, and the wars, and the fights of this meager planet, in the face of the possible annihilation of this fragile species at any time? WE need to be diverse, and spread across several areas of space! NOW!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No Fear - No Work!

Take the picture and examine it.........Federal employees; at least those whose jobs are sacra-sanct by anyone else's standards......and examine them....

They are employed with the promise of forever employment until they decide to retire. They are given immunity to any form of REAL responsibility.....they are free to do as they please and their union status will protect them. If they break the rules/do wrong, the union will stand behind them. They will be protected, and usually there is NO WAY to fire them!

That is the recipe for failure...and thus we find ourselves in a morass of employees without responsibility, and yet out of the reach of any form of correction, or responsibility.

They cannot be fired, and usually there is nothing a supervisor can do to challenge the employee.

And we wonder why we have massive govt. spending and debt with no clear performance of duties by these folks......

Just sayin!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I WILL LEAD!....but after-the-fact and way too late, and then go softly!

Obama........The "Non-Leader" who claims he has made the USA more respected????


This man has make a mockery of the USA and its proud tradition. The list is so long there is no way to place it in one blog.

He has abandoned the Middle East completely. Name a country now better off, or EVEN the same status as when he began his process of........WHAT?  He had no process.....The "Arab Spring" was a fiasco! There is not a remaining stable regime/country in the Middle East.......WAIT!!! Yes, yes there is.....IRAN moves inexorably toward having nuclear capability.....Obama continues the long tradition of this nation with Iran of "Negotiation"....and he wants a signed agreement......It will guarantee Iran gets the nuclear option it desires to dominate the Middle East.

While Obama has negotiated blindly, with no power, the Iranians have produced 20% of their needed fuel for a nuclear weapon....despite their insistence they have "paused".......The only pause is in Obama doing anything!

This man is doing the same in the Ukraine......He allowed the Russians to take Crimea in "blitzkrieg" fashion....and now is "threatening" to get aggressive in the situation.....He is a day late and a weapon usual. He reacts to the situation which existed about 12 months ago!

This man is worse than Carter.......WORSE than the man who basically screwed up everything he governed!!!!!  Obama is so far out of touch with reality it may ruin this country forever! Seriously!