Friday, June 26, 2015

Terrible Times.....

Have you noticed?

Everyone has a cause, and they are rabid about it....

Irate people are everywhere.....even those who "Win" for their cause are vindictive. The current theme seems to be "extract vengeance", even after winning....I find it everywhere.....

John Boehner, GOP leader in the House of the U. S. Congress.....will allow no independence within his ranks, and any who oppose him on a vote will be removed from prestigious positions; chairmanship, etc.

Those who win in a ruling from our Supreme it on ObamaCare or Gay Marriage, are not satisfied with, they want to extract a certain amount of I am vindicated, allow me to castigate you!

Sad, very, very sad.

This is America......WE ARE NOT ENEMIES!!!!! We are Americans 1st, and we seek to make our house the house of our freedoms, and our rights.

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