Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No Fear - No Work!

Take the picture and examine it.........Federal employees; at least those whose jobs are sacra-sanct by anyone else's standards......and examine them....

They are employed with the promise of forever employment until they decide to retire. They are given immunity to any form of REAL responsibility.....they are free to do as they please and their union status will protect them. If they break the rules/do wrong, the union will stand behind them. They will be protected, and usually there is NO WAY to fire them!

That is the recipe for failure...and thus we find ourselves in a morass of employees without responsibility, and yet out of the reach of any form of correction, or responsibility.

They cannot be fired, and usually there is nothing a supervisor can do to challenge the employee.

And we wonder why we have massive govt. spending and debt with no clear performance of duties by these folks......

Just sayin!

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