Sunday, June 7, 2015

I WILL LEAD!....but after-the-fact and way too late, and then go softly!

Obama........The "Non-Leader" who claims he has made the USA more respected????


This man has make a mockery of the USA and its proud tradition. The list is so long there is no way to place it in one blog.

He has abandoned the Middle East completely. Name a country now better off, or EVEN the same status as when he began his process of........WHAT?  He had no process.....The "Arab Spring" was a fiasco! There is not a remaining stable regime/country in the Middle East.......WAIT!!! Yes, yes there is.....IRAN moves inexorably toward having nuclear capability.....Obama continues the long tradition of this nation with Iran of "Negotiation"....and he wants a signed agreement......It will guarantee Iran gets the nuclear option it desires to dominate the Middle East.

While Obama has negotiated blindly, with no power, the Iranians have produced 20% of their needed fuel for a nuclear weapon....despite their insistence they have "paused".......The only pause is in Obama doing anything!

This man is doing the same in the Ukraine......He allowed the Russians to take Crimea in "blitzkrieg" fashion....and now is "threatening" to get aggressive in the situation.....He is a day late and a weapon usual. He reacts to the situation which existed about 12 months ago!

This man is worse than Carter.......WORSE than the man who basically screwed up everything he governed!!!!!  Obama is so far out of touch with reality it may ruin this country forever! Seriously!

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