Saturday, August 29, 2015

Can You Recall????

1. Any President in the last 50 years (the limit of my involvement in politics) who has ever made judgmental "shoot from the hip" statements about such things as blaming a gay black man's assassination of two white professionals and the shooting of a third white upon "lack of gun control"...right after he had blamed the death of a black man who was committing a crime on the fact of his blackness?

2. Any President in the past 50 years (ditto) who has lied more openly, more often than this President?  (Think: "you can keep your doctor....your hospital, etc....")

3. Any President in the last 50 years who has done so much to delete the gains of racial equality, while proclaiming loudly his efforts to be a great conjoiner of the races????

Yeah, well, me neither!!!!!