Sunday, May 17, 2015


The theme is always the matter what happens, nor where it happens....if it is major, and it speaks of the failure of a system, then the DEM answer is SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!!

These "Tax and Spend" DEMs try very hard to equate solving a problem directly with the amount spent.....well, at least UNTIL the $ are spent.

They ignore the obvious fact that previous spending has not worked!!!! The AMTRAK system has boondoggled millions and the result is, they are mnot doing what they were charged with doing. This group of bureaucrats in the tradition of govt. intervention in economics, have wasted millions on things not in their directive. They ignored the need for solving problems of speed and control by delaying implementation of a system which would have prevented the recent crash, and instead have spent millions on such items as BONUS $ to employees........

They took a project to implement safety controls on train speed, and delayed it so they could "reward" employees....mostly administrators...with HUGE bonus $ and not implement the safety system, but instead delay it until 2020.....

But do not speak out about the bonus-seeking minions of the system, or you will be tarred and feathered with a broad brush by the unions and DEM operatives running the AMTRAK system!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Horror of The Obama Presidency!

This man, Barack Hussein Obama; the self-annointed crusader for "Hope" has abandoned any pretext for said hope....and is now a fighter for campaigns he cannot even identify.

His legacy is likely to be that of a Carter presidency....minus the compassion of Carter's efforts for the homeless.

Obama has fought long and hard for.....NOTHING!  He has offered up the ideals of a socialist leader, with abandonment of the folks whose support he asked for, and received for two Presidential-election cycles. He has given us nothing but the leadership of a socialist whose ideas are those of his mentors (big surprise folks) and those of folks he both followed and believed in during his entire political career.

Barack Obama is a socialist by action and belief....a socialist who is going to be held in esteem by the DEMs of the next generation.....UNLESS...his minions, and he, himself, are held to account for the events of the past 8 years. Something one could wish for, but something which is highly unlikely....given the fact of current political ideals. The GOP is as absent the leadership and Americanism of our country as is the DEM leadership....they are ALL about control, and  ownership of Government...and nothing about the part people play in government.!!!!