Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Run Holder, Run.......far and fast....cause they're gonna get you!!!!

The announcement of retirement by AG Holder was greeted by President Obama with platitudes and soaring praise.....and by those seeking info on everything from Fast and Furious to IRS Misdeeds as
a shot indicating a possible mortal wound to the coverups!

Holder is fast running out of places to hide and thus has to depart. You don't suppose he is going to receive any form of executive pardon do you?


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Notes on My 1,250 Miles In 22 Hours!

Monday at 5:45 in the morning I departed Rockford, IL following a visit with my daughter and her family there. At 2:45 the next morning I pulled into my driveway in Tampa, FL. Some notes on the trip:

First, Don't do such a stupid thing! Make it a two-day trip. It is now Wednesday afternoon and I have slept a total of 19 hours and still feel like the car must have dragged me most of the way home. At 30 years of age I might have bounced back faster, but at my current 70 plus years I bounce like a flattened basketball. I had made the trip up in about 27 hours, with an in-car nap of three hours at a Pilot station in Paducah, KY....just outside the Illinois border.

Second, my Hyundai Genesis V-8 is a fantastic road car. 4.6 liters, 388 hp, and it made the trip at 26.7 mpg! I held the car at 75 to 78mph in most areas where the speed limit was 70. The engine is turning at a slow 2,100 rpm at 78 mph. The car rode nicely, and even after all those hours the seat was still quite comfortable.

 I drank lots of water driving both ways, and while I increased my stops for restrooms, I am convinced that holding down my food intake and hydrating kept my physical systems working in spite of the hours.

There still seem to be a considerable number of folks who insist on driving in the far left lane. The fact of having three or four lanes from which to choose does not seem to change these folks. They seem to feel it is their god-given right to drive in the left lane, giving one dirty looks if either horn honks or flashing of bright lights does force them over.

Gas prices were all over. Highest price paid, not unexpectedly; Rockford, IL. at $3.39 a gallon. While Georgia still stays in the price fray with the lowest prices paid at $3.04 and $3.05, their prices near the Florida or Tennessee lines climb back up. As a general rule I fueled at Pilot stations....they were plentiful and priced lower than most other chains.

Most-relaxed section of roadway: Pennyrile Parkway in Kentucky. It is little-traveled, and while the speed limit is lower at 65, the lack of congestion and rolling countryside make this among the nicest stretches to drive.

All-in-all, it was a great trip and I thank Daughter Nancy, Son-in-law Jeff and my grandkids Jacalyn, G. Paul, Eddie and Ian for a marvelous time and a few days away from the Florida heat. It was 41 degrees on the morning of my departure....77 in Tampa when I arrived home.