Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WTH??? The Amazing Idiocy of This Election!

I find the entire populace to be both "at fault" and "energized" by this election for President!

At 1st, I was amazed, enchanted and energized by the Trump campaign. He gave us a new perspective. He spoke of the illness in our political system. He told us the establishment cadidates were going to repeat what "we te people" were opposed to in the 1st place. He was RIGHT!

He plowed thru the establishment and the "faux" candidates with ease. He won early on, and then proved it in successive primaries.

Hillary won....despite the Sanders candidacy....with her backing of the entire DNC and its hatred for anything NOT HILLARY! Sanders folded like a cheap tent, and left for a few plane rides and his 3rd summer home! What a rotten jerk, playing upon the youth of the country while only interested in enriching himself.

Now....Trump seems bent upon killing his candidacy. He speaks ill, and looks like a loser, and I actually have been a supporter from the 1st.

Could he be a Hillary plant?   O.M.G.!

I am one of the many confused in this election which began as a time to do away with the establishment.

Damn, I feel generally betrayed!