Sunday, May 15, 2016


That was the phrase of a weight loss guru in the 90s or applies to this year's Presidential race. The facts are this is like no Presidential election seen in decades!

The problem for me is that I see obfuscation, ignoring-the-facts, and a lot more from the media and the political parties. They are refusing to "re-frame" this election in to what it is....still trying to make this the samo-samo we have been subjected to for those decades.


The stalwart so-called conservative party, the GOP, has suddenly been forced to come face-to-face with a new leader. A leader they can neither control, nor ignore. Their dilemma, as folks who have been in charge for lo these many elections, is profound! They seem to be stuck at this point in the mode of trying to make the new "Trumpism" fit the party mold......IT DOES NOT! The "Trumpism" is the NEW GOP.....voters completely revolting against the GOP which first could not win, and then when they did, projected a DEM-Lite image of action.

In addition, there are millions of DEMs who are finding the Trump approach of "bomb them" to be fine as long as he follows thru on removing the old political norms.....the REAL problem!

Trump is not a miracle-man....he is the anti-Christ of politics. He represents the majority view, in my opinion, of less government, and less Washington in EVERYTHING!!!!!

We shall see how this plays out....but, one thing I know for sure....the old line DEMs and GOPs will fight for their territory any way they can......and that may well include the most stringent of the GOP placing a 3rd party candidate to sabotage  Trump, just to give the election to Hillary and maintain, for this election cycle, the old line pols.

Time will tell....but, for me, Trump is the answer, flawed as it may be!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Confusion...But, not so much....Really!

The pundits, traditional party spokesmen, party apparatchiks, and many others are offering up all sorts of explanations/opinions/advice as to what IS for the 2016 election cycle.

It is almost comical to read their interpretations, and opinions.

The "almost" comes from a knowledge they are mostly missing the prime theme which will decide the election, and the future of this my humble opinion!

The populace are DISGUSTED! That is, the open-minded, middle-of-the-road populace are DISGUSTED!

AND, they are the ones who will decide this election!

They will because the folks from bot the far right and far left are entrenched, permanent voters. Their vote will not be changed.....even if Trump did something dispicable or Hillary were to be indicted by a DEM-controlled DOJ (OK, here we take a break for the laughter to subside!).

This election is not decided. It is not close to being decided.

The sparks, and volumes of ads, opinions, etc. should be interesting, even as the old-line media and political pundits miss the mark right up til the election.