Wednesday, June 29, 2011

57 States vs John Quincy Adams.......Lame Stream Media Pounce!

Obama, the magnificent........57 states in this country.

Michelle Bachmann........John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father......

Who gets the Lame Stream Media coverage? Why Michelle, of course.....whatever the Anointed One sez is just fine!

Sad, Sad, Sad!


OOPSIE!.....NLRB & Obama Killing Their N. C. Chances

One of the states President Obama won in 2008 (by a measly 14,000 votes) is North Carolina. Many there are unemployed....& now they get to look to the activity in next-door neighbor South Carolina where Obama's NLRB appointees nixed a $750 million investment by Boeing (with 1,000 folks already hired) in a new plant to build more planes. The NLRB theory was Boeing was seeking retribution against unions and taking away union jobs. No jobs at their Seattle plants were lost/changed/etc. by the building of a new plant. It was add-on employment!

I'd be willing to bet not 1 person in 10 in North Carolina is unaware of this ham-fisted move by the Obama team to support unions in a way never-before attempted.

The translation I believe they will have is, "Obama kills jobs unless they are union!" He is on the side of unions....not us little folk just wanting to work.

We'll see....


Thursday, June 23, 2011

UN-EX-PEC-TED-LY!!!!!!! Ad Nauseum!

O-M-G! Today we had the news of another "unexpected" rise in unemployment filings.

EVERYTHING, for the "Lame-Stream-Media!" is unexpected!.....Well, if it is bad news for "The One!"

The story is HERE FOLKS! Do not even attempt to count them as your brain will explode!

Nothing was unexpected in the Bush years....THE LSM EXPECTED him to fail......They even read fail into numbers which the LSM would trumpet for "The One!" as a major success!

Nothing to see here about bias, folks....just move along!



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4 & OUT....If I Don't Succeed!.....Obama?????

The "No-bama" made that statement......


The guy should be dead meat, but we'll have to see how many "receivers" of largesse from the GOV'T still find him necessary!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Not My Wrangler......!!!!!!!

PrezBO has found a new way to offend folks....this time folks who are usually his supporters!
On the trail and talking of current really bad numbers in almost everything, "HE" announced at a Toledo, OH plant which produces Jeep Wranglers......
“We’re going to pass through some rough terrain that even a Wrangler would have a tough time with,”

Needless to say, the folks at "Jeep Central" dinna like the reference, and "O" got a big BOOOOO!

The man is tone deaf to the enth degree!

My God....who would re-elect this boob? (Unfortunately many, many union, and govt.-dependant folk who want everything for free!)......


RUH-ROO......WI Protests Begin Again!

YEPPERS! The, demonstrators are out in force again as Wisconsin begins the process of correcting a mistake. NOPE, not redoing the law that takes away union "rights"(really imagined), but doing same for police and fire.

That sent the idiots into action......

They showed up....completely consumed by their dedicated seeking of rights.....well, except they could not remember what it was they were in favor of or opposed they had to each carry a script from which to read.

Just too funny!!!


Romney said WHAT!!!!

What the hell is Romney smoking?

Within two days he has: a) endorsed continuation of the god-awful ethanol/corn subsidies, and b) endorsed the AlGore and his human-caused global warming.

Next thing you know he'll be in favor of, well, OK, he introduced it to MA!!!!!



What's With The Lame Stream Media & Holding Dems Responsible?

Let me see....Democratic Senate now more than 2 years WITHOUT A BUDGET!

Oh, and El Prez has continued to avoid providing information AS REQUIRED BY LAW!!!

There seems to be only a yawn or two from the complicit "we gotta get our guy re-elected" Lame Stream Media.

LAME STREAM MEDIA IGNORES THE FACT PALIN IS ACTUALLY ISSUING POLICY INFO! Not really failing to hold Dems responsible, but then the LSM IS Liberal (Dem!).

Now, we'll see what happens today when Boehner forces the Prez to be responsible for Libya, in defiance to THE LAW!

Ah yes, free speech, and a neutral press......Dream on sucka!!!!!