Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OOPSIE!.....NLRB & Obama Killing Their N. C. Chances

One of the states President Obama won in 2008 (by a measly 14,000 votes) is North Carolina. Many there are unemployed....& now they get to look to the activity in next-door neighbor South Carolina where Obama's NLRB appointees nixed a $750 million investment by Boeing (with 1,000 folks already hired) in a new plant to build more planes. The NLRB theory was Boeing was seeking retribution against unions and taking away union jobs. No jobs at their Seattle plants were lost/changed/etc. by the building of a new plant. It was add-on employment!

I'd be willing to bet not 1 person in 10 in North Carolina is unaware of this ham-fisted move by the Obama team to support unions in a way never-before attempted.

The translation I believe they will have is, "Obama kills jobs unless they are union!" He is on the side of unions....not us little folk just wanting to work.

We'll see....


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