Friday, June 3, 2011

What's With The Lame Stream Media & Holding Dems Responsible?

Let me see....Democratic Senate now more than 2 years WITHOUT A BUDGET!

Oh, and El Prez has continued to avoid providing information AS REQUIRED BY LAW!!!

There seems to be only a yawn or two from the complicit "we gotta get our guy re-elected" Lame Stream Media.

LAME STREAM MEDIA IGNORES THE FACT PALIN IS ACTUALLY ISSUING POLICY INFO! Not really failing to hold Dems responsible, but then the LSM IS Liberal (Dem!).

Now, we'll see what happens today when Boehner forces the Prez to be responsible for Libya, in defiance to THE LAW!

Ah yes, free speech, and a neutral press......Dream on sucka!!!!!


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