Monday, May 23, 2011

The President Does Not Matter...2012-2016

Much is being discussed about the GOP nominee for 2012. What are their chances against Obama. Time and ink (should say here, I suppose...."band-width") are being spent upon the many possible variations of GOP candidates to oppose "The One".

In my opinion the choice DOES NOT MATTER!

Seriously! The REAL choice here is what we do with the Congress/Senate. If, given expanding interest and informed opposition to many programs by the current administration, we find a Tea Party organization in 2012 like I believe we will, the entire Congress will be very slanted toward GOP/Tea Party and the President will have to live with it.

That means Obama's 2nd term....if it occurs....will be one of no say in what happens....except by veto! Given the trends currently in public opinion we will possibly see a veto-proof Congress!

Now that is an interesting situation. IF ObamaCare is brought forward for demolition and Obama vetoes said and same and the Congress reverses the veto.......voila! No ObamaCare!

The debt situation....well, that is an entirely different matter. I still do not see a GOP stand which will halt the flood of debt.....BUT, that being said, the Tea Party again comes into play, and by 2012 their caucus should have some real power!


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