Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Little Perspective on Obama's Part in Usama's Demise, PLEASE!

The gushing by TV hosts, main stream media, et al has given me nausea! You'd think from the descriptions and his own words that Obama donned a uniform and did the deed himself.

At least one writer, John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog, gives the perspective needed: "All of this praise is due to the fact that Obama approved, rather than nixing, the killing of bin Laden. A good decision, to be sure. But is there a single person, anywhere, who doubts that George W. Bush would have made the same call? Or John McCain, if he had won in 2008? Of course not. The Democrats' jubilation results from the fact that their guy didn't wilt under pressure, but rather lived up to the standard that George W. Bush and John McCain easily met. For this, he is called "courageous" and "gutsy."

Amen....Another fine example of the bias toward a liberal President. Other examples, of course, would include allowing a President to declare war without even seeking support of the Congress.


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