Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bachmann Was On-Note.....Chris a Bit Off-Key...

Sorry, but my fave Sunday guy Chris (FOX NEWS Sunday) is out-of-touch....or not-listening in his interview with Michelle Bachmann today (Sunday). He lost the context, in my estimation......

She tried to tell it like it is.....there is NO BLANK WALL if we do not approve a debt increase!!!!!

He was having none of it....calling it time-and-time-again a "default" if the debt limit is not raised. You will not know, if you follow the Lame Stream Media, BUT the GOP has a bill proposed to insure that basic important things continue getting paid if the debt limit is not raised. The bill insures SS payments, medicare payments, etc. The bill insures we drop only "optional payments" those approved by Congress, but not important to our continuation as a debt-paying nation. The DEMs, and their PR wing, the Lame Stream Media, wish to make it appear we will automatically default if we do not approve the increase in debt limit.

Bachmann is right.....Chris is wrong!

We can go for MONTHS without a debt limit increase before anything of importance is not paid.

HOWEVER, that said the reason for the GOP bill is to insure DEMs do not "sabotage" the situation by stopping critical payments in favor of not-critical payments.

Be Aware people!!!!!


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