Friday, May 20, 2011

I Am THE Obama! - You Will NOT Tell Me What The Rules Are!

& trust me, this man BELIEVES every word of that!

HE will NOT play by the rules....

The problem I see is there are not enough realists who see his disdain for law and rules-of-law to follow through with the necessary action to herd this man into a corner.

The GOP should be on this like stink on sxxx!!!!! They should be seeking any measure possible, including impeachment, to reign in this coward who acts without regard f laws existent. His ideas seem to be; DEFY and see if they challenge.....Expecting NO challenge...He is OLD SCHOOL Chicago!!!!!

The GOP seems to once again be wimping out. Reagan would have challenged this fellow in a heartbeat!

My heart is with the Tea Folk.....they seem to be the only players with the fortitude to challenge this tyrant; breaker of laws!


Add-On!.....OH, Just read it.....

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