Monday, December 14, 2015

It is As I Have Feared!

Yes, it is that!

I believe this country has already been basically "done-in" by Obama and his efforts. I am sure that this man who promised to "fundamentally transform" our country has done so, much to the denigration of our country. We are less than we were before he came here, and he still has a year plus to act....and we have a compliant, subserviant, chicken Congress which will NOT stop anything he does!

We are screwed! Until January 2017....and then who will we have????  Hillary (we are dead as a nation).....Trump...(We are lacking common sense and will suffer inhumanities beyond belief...)

We suck as a nation right now, and it is because of Obama.

He is proud of this!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Doll House reflections....

Showed a flashback pic of partially-completed dollhouse from several years ago. Here are a couple vids of inside and out when completed.....minus the furniture i added.
Feeling like I'd like to tackle another.......

My apology for shaky/grainy video.....was taken with an old cheapo video camera.....prior to getting my SONY Cyber-Shot.

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Noise Is Deafening!

While we have just short of a year before we elect a new President, Vice President...(oh, and YES....a whole new House of Representatives plus 1/3rd of the Senate)...The noise is absolutely deafening. The yelling, screaming, blaming, doubting, PC Police in abundance from campuses to town is a shambles.

It is a shambles BY DESIGN!!!!

Hillary has to play hide-and-seek to avoid Death By Obama/Bengazi, et al.

The DEMs have to avoid any form of accountability or culpability on more issues than I have time or space to list here. AND, they also have to find out how to elect their ONLY viable candidate, The Hillary, without actually acknowledging that she IS their candidate.

The GOP has to try to find a way to avoid what they think is death in the form of Donald Trump.

And, we the voters are left to slog through the muck and mire, and try somehow to salvage from the bloated Govt., and the dissonant sound of Congressional/Senate Candidates, many of whom were serving when our median age voter was born, to select those who will represent the return to our Constitution!

My God, it is mind-boggling! Well, for those not drinking the Kool-Aid of party and anarchy. They have no choice as they follow the line, and therefor do not have to think!