Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Beat Goes On.....

While basically a conservative/libertarian, I am finding myself more and more in the camp of the "wtf"s.....losely, those of us finding absolutely no reason for a positive attitude about any happenings in the political class.

The driving force behind my reasoning is crystal-clear to anyone paying attention to what is actually happening in the beltway.....not the pablum being disseminated by the political flacks or the far-too-compliant media.


Amid endless confrontations, fiscal cliffs, and deadlines I find absolutely nothing being accomplished. Each new announcement of a settlement/agreement/contract/etc. brings verbiage by the ton, platitudes by the bucket-full, and another amazing game of "kick-the-can" with regard to any actual work on reducing the immense difference between our income and our outgo. Hell, we cannot even make an actual dent in slowing down the ever-increasing deficit.

A few years back I joined with thousands of like-minded, dissatisfied, disgruntled, determined voters who formed the loose-fitting organization known as the "Tea Party".....A few were elected on the basis of bringing reason back to the political scene. Some have actually done some good. However, the pace of growth of the movement, if indeed there is any, is far slower than the inexorable march toward unsustainable fiscal numbers resulting in a major crash in our financial system.

I have asked myself often about the lack of any recognition from actual voters that this is anything but a problem printed on paper to be answered like one would a math problem in college. It is instead a real, visible, recognizable problem which is leading us to the cliffs of ruin already being experienced in many parts of Europe. The lack of recognition is made even more mystifying when one considers the European models are right there for all to see.

Keep in mind here I am not talking about addressing the source of the problems, not seeking any solutions to the problems. I am talking about the public/voters accepting the fact that there IS a problem at all.