Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Beginnings! - Old Denials!

January 2017 will bring a President Donald Trump. With his swearing in will come major changes from the ham-handed, slip-shod Presidency of Obama.

Likely scenario......not necessarily in this order.....

Repeal/withdraw/kill....whatever the correct term....ALL Obama executive orders! That single step will provide fodder for a major rebound in business growth in this nation, with jobs rebuilding a near direct result.

ObamaCare, repealed...replaced....& a HUGE mistake will be undone. The cost will continue for some time. The replacement will be cheaper, easier, lower deductibles, and actually sustainable if the Trump/GOP know what is good for them.

HALT Muslim refugee immigration UNTIL we have a secure, trusted method of backgrounding and identification as to the folks we are bringing in. A part of this is a simple return to compliance with existing laws!

BUILD THE WALL! - Make Mexico pay for it by deducting fees from each and every $ transfer from the USA illegals back to Mexico. BILLIONS of our dollars are being exported while we pay for the care and keeping of the illegals! As stated above, a part of this is a simple return to compliance with existing laws. NOTE: a major part of this process.....take away ALL federal dollars to any "Sanctuary City".

REDO the Veteran's Administration which is nothing more than a vast money pit where our dollars go to support a multitude of incompetent, badly-led, bureaucrats unaccountable to anyone! Kill this beast and give vets a credit card for medical care. PERIOD!

Curb the vast business control bureaucracy under EPA, BLM, and myriad other federal agencies. 

DISARM and disband the quasi-military forces Obama has built into many federal agencies....Bureau of Land Management....Department of Education....and on and on....These folks have NO NEED for a small army!

Well, there you have it folks.....a good start....Lets keep score and see what will be done!

Hang on kiddies....this ride could be interesting!