Friday, June 27, 2014

I Want Change In Congress; Well, Except For MY Congressman!

Thus the primary race sending an "old GOP" back once again to perpetuate the "Washington Merry-Go-Round" is exactly why politics as usual are the norm in Washington. Too many voters are swayed by perceived "freebies"....and "entitlements", insuring nothing changes.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

De-Unionize Federal Employees!

I am in agreement with this....Federal employees unionized are, by the fact they are not accountable, prone to becoming both single-minded about support for the party that supports, helps them, and more importantly, work actively against the other party.

Many early leaders of the union movement agreed that unionization of federal employees was not a good was only due a long-term Democrat control of the Congress and Presidency that the unionization occurred. It is time to deunionize the IRS, as a beginning.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"I Don't Know Where I'ma Gonna Go....When The Volcano Comes!"

Reminds me of the either lie-filled, or stupidity delivered, pronouncements of our "Dear Leader", the marvelous Peace Prize winner in Oslo, even before he took action.....

His lack of knowledge...or lying about it has moved President Peanut to 2nd place on the incompetent president list!

The volcano part is going to be the citizen rebellion which is sure to come, and is known to "O" as reflected in the fact he has militarized every department of government......we even have militarized sections of the Department of Agriculture!

The idiocy is near an end.....and it ain't gonna be pretty!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

STOP THE GAME-PLAYING! - Get A Special Prosecutor

Lois Lerner, it would certainly seem, is being protected from her own idiocy in office by an IRS determined to avoid any accountability on anything to do with transparency to the Congress and Tax Payers!

Questions to be answered:

1. How can they, in this techno age, claim emails lost? I'm willing to bet the NSA has a copy of all of them!

2. Her computer crashed and all was lost?  Trust me, there is a server, or two or three, in her IRS office that still has the me!

3. What about the computers of those in other departments with which she communicated (Read: DOJ; WH; FBI; etc.) which have NOT crashed?  They and THEIR servers also have the email.

All told, I'd guess there are at a minimum 4-6 servers still holding copies of her emails. COME ON IRS....stop trying to treat us as the uneducated, techno-challenged oafs you'd like us to be, and get some openness.....I'm pretty sure there will be LOTS of action to insure that after the GOP takes the Senate this Fall!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Veteran's Administration Goes Into Crisis Mode

Hiding any facts; protecting jobs; obfuscating; YOUR VA in action.......The Bureaucratic Nightmare is unraveling! 

I maintain that any time you have a union in a government organization, and any time a governmental entity begins to feel it is immune to oversight, this is the outcome. I have a feel there will be a lot of folks at the VA leaving....some in handcuffs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cantormageddon!!! or The Tea Party is DEAD...OOPS! Guess Not!

Lots of folks around the country awaken....  & hear the sound of citizens wanting thier country back by having their Congresscritters actually, you know, REPRESENT THEM! Not a particular D.C. Power group!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Prez-BO is still destroying our Constitution

He stays on the path, and is now going to try to release  the Guantanamo folks crate-blance.....
Oh boy am I gonna be part of the music

Is It Just Me????? it the new normal? 

Our President has just defied a RULE OF LAW on an obviously fake pretext....He has decided, as he said, that the pen is in his hand........Meaning he is going to do what he wants, what he hell with the Congress......

Of course he is operating not in a land of alert protectors of our "freedoms"....but instead in a field of Congress which is hobbled by both the fact of a Harry Reid "roadblock" of any and all things to be considered from House measures to BUDGETS, and also a lack of GOP backbone to either pursue legal avenues of reproach for the errant President,  or to sue him thru the courts to correct his behavior!

This President will damage the balance of powers, and the state of this Union far beyond what most scribes even anticipate. He knows he had two years and a Congress run by both placatory idiots, or by matters either scenario he must be stopped if we are to survive as a Country and as a republic!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

You Can Tell She is A MAJOR Threat When......

The DSCC calls her "The Sarah Palin of Iowa!"  Nice to see the DEMs have not changed....if you are popular and a GOP female, you are to be tarred and feathered on the spot!

The DEMs are so cute in their ritual attempts at assassinating any such person, and particularly this year they seem a bit more flighty.....perhaps because they are about to face a potential landslide election taking their props from under them.....not to mention leaving behind a VERY GOP Congress.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The "Tea" May Be Stronger Than Thought!

The Tea Party is Dead,,,,,,,,LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!

My guess is  there are some "entrenched" pols who are not near so secure as they thought! Snicker....

Monday, June 2, 2014

$15 for minimum wage in The Liberal Capitol of The World?????

This is going to be funny.....not due the folks dismissed due the new wage, and the obvious lack of real support for same....but also for the folks who are seeking jobs and find they are given a TOP WAGE  despite the market! But they are going to have to do a LOT more!!!!!

We shall see, but I feel the minimum wage of such proportion will impact employment.....

They will charge us HUGE fees no matter what!!!!!

Yes, we are facing Obama-induced fees of huge proportions.....
This is the plan!.....Oh yes, this man intends to make us pay HUGE amounts for our power......
I as a retiree am not ready to do that.....

Stop the thief before he takes your money!

News Flak! Carney!

Carney, as Obummer's Press Secretary is a complete loss......he first of all simply defies all negatives, despite their proven impossibility.....then he parrots the line the "Obamaites" have decided to follow. I, as a former newsman, could not do that. I would choke on the words. I find it impossible to think Carney can stomach these words. He will make MILLIONS after leaving the office...a fate he embraces obviously. Sorry folks...I may have been the poor news director of a small midwest station, but I was honest and gave both sides in my news stories.......News today is sad, and tainted....

& The Elitist Left Scores Another Notch In Their Belt!

Jane Fonda......hated by every Veteran worth his salt since the Vietnam fiasco of a war fought by soldiers who died by the thousands, and controlled by idiot Politicians in DC......Now she is the Speaker at UCLA (stands for "United Class of Losers in Academics!")......The Left will do anything to halt free speech, unless it is their people doing the speaking.

Jane Fonda should have been granted a permanent post aboard a U. S. Merchant Marine vessel and never allowed to return to her birth country after the chicken-hearted, headline-grabbing fiasco of her visit to she should have never been allowed to complete.

She will be the lone person atop my hate list til I die!

Upsetting to you, my liberal about it, and try being a supporter of this country which has succored you in so many ways......

Is Nothing Going to Prompt Boehner to Action?

Obama has kicked the dog to the curb, kicked the GOP in the teeth, and managed to violate more laws than dillinger......and the GOP, led by hapless John B. do.........NOTHING?????

What the heck will it take to end this idiocy? Control of the Senate? Maybe. They, the GOP, should have by now filed any lawsuit possible to rein in Obama's constant barrage of illegal actions. His defiance of the Constitution, and constant re-setting of the goal posts, and even the placement of the sides of the field, is unimaginable had it been either Bush.....The Uber-Liberal so-called main stream media have been complicit to the nth degree.

It is just plain sickening much of the time, and exacerbated by GOP lack of a spine and leadership.

6-7 BILLION.....small change????

Walter Russel Mead explains why.....After all...that would be work!

Astounding how our public employees simply have a mind-set that they won't sweat the small stuff, and to them it is not their money, so it is ALL small stuff.

The number again was BILLIONS! Oh, and by the way i am sure they need more money for their department.....not to fix this hemorrhage of $.....but to slide in another layer of bureaucracy and a few new protected government union jobs for which no one can be held accountable.


Long time.....NOTHING!

I gave up posting about a year ago. I was both tired and doing the far simpler, and usually thus less well-thought-out, FaceBook. I have determined that to keep myself a bit more sharp in the mind, and to hone my writing skills a bit, I will need to go back to organizing and writing specific articles on this site.

I cannot deny that a good bit of the production herein will be political in nature. I feel this Fall's national elections will be quite critically important. While many, surprisingly to me, still view this President as positive...or at best neutral...I find him to be a huge danger to the stability of our nation. It is my feeling that only by electing both houses of Congress GOP/Tea Party are we likely to garner enough strength and resolve to vote a halt to the chaos being created by this man who is self-resolved to use any and all powers he well as any he does not possess, but will use as he apparently feels somewhat impervious to any backbone being shown by the current House, and being completely sure of the dead-in-the-water Senate run by Harry Reid.

Well, that should set the tone quite nicely.......Onward to another election year, one in which I am sure the same shenanigans used in 2012 to re-elect a President by denial, delays, and hiding the truth, will again be promulgated by this President who is an obvious denier of the Constitution of this great country.