Thursday, December 26, 2013

How badly has the "Old Media" damaged themselves?

Victor Davis Hanson writes in The National Review "Will there be a scandal if the new political appointees at the IRS sic their auditors on What will the Washington Post say should the new president keep Guantanamo Bay open for five more years, quadruple the number of drone missions, or decide to double renditions? Will it say that he was shredding the Constitution, or that he found the terror threat too great to honor past promises?"

He has many points in his article, found here: 

One of the, to me, strangest things about politics today is that we have become a nation which is so incredibly bi-partisan as to eliminate the traditional media from importance.....Well, perhaps that should be, the old media have eliminated themselves from importance in political discussion. 

Given Hanson's points in the complete article, when fairly read and digested, there can be little to support any charge except that the old media have abandoned any pretense of balanced reporting and/or investigation. I, for one, continue to bemoan the changes in old media from a super-investigative force to one of partisan parroting of the talking points of one side....liberal.

What is sad in my review of the article is the fact that there is nothing that I can find in today's old media coverage, or any of their work, which would indicate there is any way these formerly highly-regarded journalistic centers could possibly do an about face in the coming administration years to again return to objective reporting.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Time to write again, and keep the diatribes off FB!

Yeah, yeah....I know, been said before, and been done before......

We shall see how this goes, but I am in need of an outlet, and am tired of imposing my views on family and friends....even as many of those who might complain do the same.

We shall see how this goes......

I begin on the morning of Christmas 2013........Man where did the time go? Yesterday it was approaching 2000 and I was working. Now I have been retired for 7 plus years and am continuing to both write and produce for my much more in the "non-work" category!


Monday, November 11, 2013

WOW....Just what can be wrong?

ObamaCare....The "Affordable Care Act"....(Laughs allowed here)....Is now the "Law of the Land" which can never be changed, denied or in any way questioned (Debbie Wasserman Schultz [OMG is that really her last name and she is not in a German Uniform?] of the DEM Gestapo has so ordained it) .....I could get physically sick writing this.....

The problem is there are so many problems one knows not where to begin when writing about its many failures......

I am going to set aside some serious time to see if I can make this a study of conflicting "Statements" and "Facts"......but I doubt it cause there seems to be debate about all of it....except for one common denominator........NOTHING WORKS OR IS AS "GREAT LEADER" HAS SAID!!!!!!!  NOTHING!!!!!

This will be on-going for decades, but I marvel at those who still believe unabashedly in this Obama line and the lies and the fakes and the devious devices used by him to force "single-payer".....what he wanted all along and lied about having......

There is too much....I shall initiate a series of articles.....

This shall be called the per-curser!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's The Ted Mack Amateur Hour!.....

Probably most reading this will have no idea what the title means.

It was, after all, a show on radio from the mid-part of the last century.

However, as a 70 year old, seeking to find meaning in the cacophony of sounds in the suddenly-besmirched "O" persona....including the vaunted and well-known"always-campaigning" President who seems to know nothing about being President, except, campaigning, He will campaign until the day of his departure.....His personal way of making things happen.

He will be recorded as the person responsible for the MOST HUGE deficit building time in the history of the country., He will have violated more rules of this nation in terms of everything from IRS to 1st amendment to EPA to Most every department over which he had see.....

Obama will go down as the pariah  of our time.....the worst President since Carter, if not exceeding "Jimmah".......

Sunday, March 31, 2013

OOPS!....Do Not Argue & Drive

On the way to RV for check of tow bar......near to curve on which entrance to RV storage is located when I see a big GM SUV (Tahoe type?) upside down in the left lane......Tools, blankets, papers, much more strewn around, and pony-tailed greying guy on phone....

Turns out said guy told 1st Sheriff's Deputy on the scene his girlfriend was driving; they had an argument and she floored the car coming around curve....The vehicle crossed the road, wiped out a mailbox, then began to flip what I'd estimate to be three times.

I snapped some pics of scene, and then tow truck righting the vehicle to tow it away.

By the way....said female driver got out of the vehicle and walked away.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I remember.....

My last piece written here was about how badly we, as voters/citizens/etc. are handling things with our government and politicians. I need to expand upon a couple of points. 

I wrote in that post...."The problem is NOT with the Congress and President. It is with US! We do not hold our politicians to any form of accountability regarding what 83% of us feel is a major problem.....A need to cut spending"

I ignored, as one reader pointed out, the fact that we, the marvelous voting public, hold that 83% majority view while at the same time holding an opinion that we should not cut entitlements.

Cut spending, not programs.

That is a noble cause....however it defies logic once again.

I feel the problem is a due our failure informing ourselves. We, as voters, fail to take into consideration the W-H-O-L-E picture. We have, in our minds, divided the various opposites into little mini-mind sets....We view each one-at-a-time. Somehow the concept that cutting by its very nature will involve cuts escapes us. We believe that there is somehow a real "hidden expenses" section where we can carve off enough to balance thing out.

Tain't so!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Problem Is US!

The finger-pointing, hand-wringing, head-shaking goes on in Washington as sequestration takes hold. For months now we heard all the drivel from a grid-locked Congress, and a dysfunctional President about the impending disaster about to hit the U.S. government.

Nothing changes. Sequestration came about because there was gridlock. Congress did nothing, and the President was incapable of talking with/to Congress.....well, except from the campaign stump in rural America....never in Washington.

Now we have it is law. But suddenly we hear it might not be AS BAD as we were told. This morning one Congress-Critter spoke up and said in effect:

"This is NOT a cut in spending! It is, in fact, a CUT IN THE RATE OF GROWTH OF SPENDING!" that......

In other words, despite the massive rhetoric by a totally incompetent Congress and our Perpetual-Campaign-Machine President, this is NOT a budget cut. This is a slowing of the budget growth!

Lies! That is what we are being given. The facts are there, and WE, THE PEOPLE, refuse to look at them and understand facts.

It is our fault we allow the politicians to re-label actions to fit their purposes, not to inform us. In fact they are deliberately misinforming us! Misinformation has become the watchword of politicians. Sleight-of-hand maneuvers which leave us believing one thing and seeing another.

The problem is NOT with the Congress and President. It is with US! We do not hold our politicians to any form of accountability regarding what 83% of us feel is a major problem.....A need to cut spending. We do not keep tally of our politicians and vote according to their record. No, for the most part (70% or so, I read somewhere) we elect according to the party and re-elect no matter their voting record.

Until we educate ourselves (our government schools are not going to do it....they are too busy being politically correct) as to the facts, and then vote for what WE WISH DONE, we will continue down this path to destruction.

Meanwhile Congress points fingers, lies and obfuscates.

The President continues to Campaign!

Wake up people......whatever happened to "by the people, for the people"????

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Beat Goes On.....

While basically a conservative/libertarian, I am finding myself more and more in the camp of the "wtf"s.....losely, those of us finding absolutely no reason for a positive attitude about any happenings in the political class.

The driving force behind my reasoning is crystal-clear to anyone paying attention to what is actually happening in the beltway.....not the pablum being disseminated by the political flacks or the far-too-compliant media.


Amid endless confrontations, fiscal cliffs, and deadlines I find absolutely nothing being accomplished. Each new announcement of a settlement/agreement/contract/etc. brings verbiage by the ton, platitudes by the bucket-full, and another amazing game of "kick-the-can" with regard to any actual work on reducing the immense difference between our income and our outgo. Hell, we cannot even make an actual dent in slowing down the ever-increasing deficit.

A few years back I joined with thousands of like-minded, dissatisfied, disgruntled, determined voters who formed the loose-fitting organization known as the "Tea Party".....A few were elected on the basis of bringing reason back to the political scene. Some have actually done some good. However, the pace of growth of the movement, if indeed there is any, is far slower than the inexorable march toward unsustainable fiscal numbers resulting in a major crash in our financial system.

I have asked myself often about the lack of any recognition from actual voters that this is anything but a problem printed on paper to be answered like one would a math problem in college. It is instead a real, visible, recognizable problem which is leading us to the cliffs of ruin already being experienced in many parts of Europe. The lack of recognition is made even more mystifying when one considers the European models are right there for all to see.

Keep in mind here I am not talking about addressing the source of the problems, not seeking any solutions to the problems. I am talking about the public/voters accepting the fact that there IS a problem at all.