Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I remember.....

My last piece written here was about how badly we, as voters/citizens/etc. are handling things with our government and politicians. I need to expand upon a couple of points. 

I wrote in that post...."The problem is NOT with the Congress and President. It is with US! We do not hold our politicians to any form of accountability regarding what 83% of us feel is a major problem.....A need to cut spending"

I ignored, as one reader pointed out, the fact that we, the marvelous voting public, hold that 83% majority view while at the same time holding an opinion that we should not cut entitlements.

Cut spending, not programs.

That is a noble cause....however it defies logic once again.

I feel the problem is a due our failure informing ourselves. We, as voters, fail to take into consideration the W-H-O-L-E picture. We have, in our minds, divided the various opposites into little mini-mind sets....We view each one-at-a-time. Somehow the concept that cutting by its very nature will involve cuts escapes us. We believe that there is somehow a real "hidden expenses" section where we can carve off enough to balance thing out.

Tain't so!

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