Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Duck Story

I stay in touch with my hometown of Pekin, IL utilizing the magic of text/facebook/email.... A number of discussion threads are usually underway, and a current one is about a park near town, McNaughton Park, which occupies a combination of open land, and old small girl scout camp (Clara Soldwedel G S Camp), and happens to include the site, now vacant, of the house where my parents lived during my senior year at Pekin High School.

The discussion reminded me of a story of dedication I have carried with me for years. The old farmhouse in which we lived came with several animals.....a Gander and four Geese....a pair of ducks, and our dog. The story is of the ducks. A male and a snow white female. The female was blind.

The house was surrounded by a creek which came under the road and around the house and back again to the road. The ducks loved the small creek, and would take off each day upstream. The male would issue a constant chatter of small quacks, and it became apparent those noises were to guide his blind lady. They would leave our house and swim under the road bridge and on up the road about a block where they would feed and then in the afternoon they would swim back home and stay in a shed behind the house.

When they hatched eggs a small fleet of yellow ducklings joined them, and the small fleet would venture up the creek each day. One day I waded the creek and followed along to see why they went that way. When they got under the road and swam on a ways the young girl scouts staying at the camp would come down to the creek with bread and corn and feed the ducks.

I do not remember much more.....this was 54-55 years ago....but the dedication of the male duck was amazing. The sight of them going upstream, daddy duck chattering, momma following and the line of ducklings trailing along was something to behold.

Memories are what life is lived for!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The FCC....Now it's "Yo Momma!"

The FCC has passed it's so-called "net neutrality" rules; using the already-tried process of Nancy Pelosi, "You have to pass it to see what's in it!" The process, in effect, makes the FCC the Mom making ALL the rules about what shall be!

In the Obama-world of only Govt. knows how to run anything, the FCC rules are a small step. In our net world of use it means Big Brother is once again intruding into each and every facet of our lives.

The saddest part is how few voters take note as they stumble onward with life decisions and pay no attention to how their life is being changed/regulated by Big Brother.

Friday, March 13, 2015

What's in Your Post Office Driveway???

In Golden, Colorado, it has been discovered that a camera was recording auto licenses as vehicles left the Post Office..... Read and then check your PO for cameras.....  Your Govt. once again leaping toward Big Brother status.....