Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Obama heading toward "full-crash-mode" To End His Presidency

This President, and I use that term VERY loosely with Mr. Obama, is heading toward a critical mass of obliteration of his Presidency and seemingly enjoying either the idea of such, or he is oblivious to it. I believe it is the 2nd choice which prevails.

Obama has been a seeker of his own imagined success from the start of his ill-designed term. The world did not help when the now long-disparaged Nobel folks sent him further into never-never land with their "Peace Prize" for a President still in the diapers of presidential control.

Since that almost-frivolous escapade of liberal idiocy it has been a comedy of errors as Obama toured the world, acting the apologetic clown for his imagined "wrongs" committed by the USA on almost everyone!

Then he seemed to shift gears in his (WHAT THE HELL!) 2nd term and move to a state of driving the USA into a country of not apology, but instead, abandonment of any and all principles of what we have stood for for decades! The amazing thing, to me, is that the Democrat Party followed along, almost lock-step. Can they not see his efforts and the result of same?

I wonder now how the GOP can find a way to drop the Obama failures, and find a way to give Hillary the Presidency....much to the end of the actual GOP.....???

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Definition of Serious Is Heightened by Former ABSCAM FBI Agents Letter!

The facts are already know, at least partially, by most of the populace....

Now comes some support from the last BIG round of Govt. big shots snared in their lies and deceit.

This is SERIOUS!

Many, even in Washington, and given Obama's tusk-tusk, and the rest of the folks in Washington acting as if they all know the answer, but have no access to the investigation (contradiction here folks?????).......are adding fuel to the fire, not hosing it to silence!

This is monumental, and the results could be HUGE! Particularly if the rule of law is laughed at by Washington (Read....Obama, DOJ, etc.)

Soon we will know!