Monday, June 2, 2014

& The Elitist Left Scores Another Notch In Their Belt!

Jane Fonda......hated by every Veteran worth his salt since the Vietnam fiasco of a war fought by soldiers who died by the thousands, and controlled by idiot Politicians in DC......Now she is the Speaker at UCLA (stands for "United Class of Losers in Academics!")......The Left will do anything to halt free speech, unless it is their people doing the speaking.

Jane Fonda should have been granted a permanent post aboard a U. S. Merchant Marine vessel and never allowed to return to her birth country after the chicken-hearted, headline-grabbing fiasco of her visit to she should have never been allowed to complete.

She will be the lone person atop my hate list til I die!

Upsetting to you, my liberal about it, and try being a supporter of this country which has succored you in so many ways......

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