Monday, June 2, 2014

Long time.....NOTHING!

I gave up posting about a year ago. I was both tired and doing the far simpler, and usually thus less well-thought-out, FaceBook. I have determined that to keep myself a bit more sharp in the mind, and to hone my writing skills a bit, I will need to go back to organizing and writing specific articles on this site.

I cannot deny that a good bit of the production herein will be political in nature. I feel this Fall's national elections will be quite critically important. While many, surprisingly to me, still view this President as positive...or at best neutral...I find him to be a huge danger to the stability of our nation. It is my feeling that only by electing both houses of Congress GOP/Tea Party are we likely to garner enough strength and resolve to vote a halt to the chaos being created by this man who is self-resolved to use any and all powers he well as any he does not possess, but will use as he apparently feels somewhat impervious to any backbone being shown by the current House, and being completely sure of the dead-in-the-water Senate run by Harry Reid.

Well, that should set the tone quite nicely.......Onward to another election year, one in which I am sure the same shenanigans used in 2012 to re-elect a President by denial, delays, and hiding the truth, will again be promulgated by this President who is an obvious denier of the Constitution of this great country.

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