Saturday, June 14, 2014

STOP THE GAME-PLAYING! - Get A Special Prosecutor

Lois Lerner, it would certainly seem, is being protected from her own idiocy in office by an IRS determined to avoid any accountability on anything to do with transparency to the Congress and Tax Payers!

Questions to be answered:

1. How can they, in this techno age, claim emails lost? I'm willing to bet the NSA has a copy of all of them!

2. Her computer crashed and all was lost?  Trust me, there is a server, or two or three, in her IRS office that still has the me!

3. What about the computers of those in other departments with which she communicated (Read: DOJ; WH; FBI; etc.) which have NOT crashed?  They and THEIR servers also have the email.

All told, I'd guess there are at a minimum 4-6 servers still holding copies of her emails. COME ON IRS....stop trying to treat us as the uneducated, techno-challenged oafs you'd like us to be, and get some openness.....I'm pretty sure there will be LOTS of action to insure that after the GOP takes the Senate this Fall!

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