Monday, June 2, 2014

Is Nothing Going to Prompt Boehner to Action?

Obama has kicked the dog to the curb, kicked the GOP in the teeth, and managed to violate more laws than dillinger......and the GOP, led by hapless John B. do.........NOTHING?????

What the heck will it take to end this idiocy? Control of the Senate? Maybe. They, the GOP, should have by now filed any lawsuit possible to rein in Obama's constant barrage of illegal actions. His defiance of the Constitution, and constant re-setting of the goal posts, and even the placement of the sides of the field, is unimaginable had it been either Bush.....The Uber-Liberal so-called main stream media have been complicit to the nth degree.

It is just plain sickening much of the time, and exacerbated by GOP lack of a spine and leadership.

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