Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OK! I've Had It With Food Supply Problems.....

Every day a new headline to scare you out of eating something (hummmm, wonder why none of this has helped reduce my weight?).

I'm gonna move to the country, preferably the hills of N. Georgia, or N. Carolina......Small place with 4-5 acres, a small barn. Pens for my own chickens to lay eggs and provide sustenance. A cow or two to provide fresh milk, and eventually naturally-produced beef. Add a couple BIG dogs to protect my turf from marauding animals.

Now, to find a couple farm-oriented folk to handle all this (WHAT?, me milk, slaughter, etc-????). Oh, and with my budget they need to work free for a place to live and joining in the food use....

OK, well, I'll just be a bit more selective in what I consume!

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