Monday, June 15, 2015

Bush/Clinton.....part deux/tre........WTH????

I am an old line believer in the fact Bush (2) was more the man than the current 100% political, "wreck the establishment" Prez..... While this may not be shared by many, Bush (2) left us with a big problem in economy and employment, it will be much more palatable to those who understand what has followed for nearing 7 years has been dramatically worse for the overall health of our country!
The numbers are always what you make them.....BUT some are irrefutable.....including LOWERED average income; RAISED % of folks who are not in the work force.......

  Another major loss by the Obama regime has been the MASSIVE structuring of Govt. controlling business, and private citizens......Can you imagine Ms. Bush trying to decide the diet of our school children....or, President Bush being allowed the liberty (minus MAJOR media opposition) being allowed to begin writing and signing off on laws/rules as he saw fit?  GET REAL!

The times, they are a changin.........not for the good!

& It cannot be blamed, after 7 years, upon the previous President.......despite the best efforts of the "Chicago Mafia"..........This Prez has now provided nothing to grow an at best moribund economy, but has, instead managed to sabotage any new growth by regulating everything but the time of day our business folk take a major dump.....and he may even bring that on in his final telling us we HAVE TO count the number of squares of toilet tissue we utilize in our daily major movements!

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