Thursday, June 11, 2015

One Small Step for Mankind!......Etc.!!!

I have long espoused the idea that there is a limit to the ridiculous risk of Little-Ol-Mankind staying on this BIG BLUE MARBLE!..... Earth is a small infinitesimal piece of solar junk in a huge crowd of much larger, much more viable junk, in a field of HUGE pieces of space that we cannot even fathom!

AND....we are now ALONE and VULNERABLE! ......

The facts are folks, that IF mankind is to survive we need locations.....NOT on Mars, although that could be great practice.....BUT INSTEAD outward bound to another system somewhere, and eventually outward bound BEYOND this "small" little galaxy!

Boggles the mind does it not?

Mankind is a small insect on the face of one galaxy of this universe. Survival, in my humble opinion, includes "getting the hell out of here!"

We need HUMAN OUTPOSTS!....places where we can, independently, survive....because we may find ourselves alone in the outpost at any time. What IF!!!!  A large asteroid collides  with this BIG BLUE MARBLE???  We could find ourselves immediately, or more excruciatingly slowly removed from the race of the solar system.

Given a "FEW" bases in other parts of the galaxy we may survive....even that is risky and not with any solid possible of this human race surviving.

What means the politics, and the wars, and the fights of this meager planet, in the face of the possible annihilation of this fragile species at any time? WE need to be diverse, and spread across several areas of space! NOW!!!!

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