Friday, June 24, 2016


Time for us to join in the beginnings offered up by a revolt of the folks in England, and environs, to GET OUT of the EU!  We are not, of course, members of the EU...but we find ourselves facing the same "World Govt." attitude the "Lords-on-high" in Brussels obviously envisioned for the EU and eventually for everyone.

Barry (Mr. Zero) obviously spoke to help the anti-BREXIT folks.....thank GOD!!!! Everything Barry supports fails.....Good for us, bad for him.

Wonder if, at this point, the Nobel Committee is having 2nd thoughts about their premature-ejaculation of an award for this tin horn phony?

Trump needs to play this to the HILT! It is what is going. WE, as an electorate, are tired of the current admin, and equally tired of the do-nothing opposition of the GOP! No matter who you elect you get the same with mild changes.

Trump, and his rise is the perfect storm of opposition to all our political idiots-in-charge. This is the same thing, backed by such as the BREXIT vote, that will land Trump as our next President, even with his bumps, worts, and such!

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