Monday, June 13, 2016

Tinkers to Evers to Chance!

Not many who read this will even know what the headline refers to.....But it is pertinent!

The reference above is to a baseball play wherein three great players used to produce the double-play out in an inning.

The facts of my post dictate the communication involved....both immediate, and coordinated. Making a double play is NOT easy. It requires players who know what they are doing, and a recognition of the situation.

The reference is to the fact that we have many players today in the security of the people of this country. That series of players failed in the Orlando mass-killing. Guns WERE NOT THE PROBLEM! Communication was.

The Islamist Terrorist killer was both trained and ready to do his dastardly deed. He was born an Islamist. He was educated an Islamist. He was the product of two trips to Saudi Arabia....for purposes unknown...and DOES ANYONE NOTICE A PATTERN HERE???

Hie fellow employees OF A COMPANY WORKING FOR HOMELAND SECURITY.... Told their employers of his threats to "kill people", but the contractor, apparently wished to avoid conflict and the dreaded "political correctness", issue of doing anything about the threats and language ANY OTHER EMPLOYEE WOULD HAVE FOUND FODDER FOR DIS EMPLOYMENT did nothing!

His former wife told of beatings.

The FBI interviewed him three times.....twice in 2013 and a third time in 2014, but found cause to do anything....BUT...They also failed to alert the Orlando/Port St. Lucie Police of their investigation so the locals could have watched him.

The lack of communication found the basic cause of 911, and of the Oklahoma Bombing, remains in tact.

We, as a nation, need to make the security of our citizens prime!

It currently is not!


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