Thursday, October 13, 2016

It Goes On and On....but half the population are impervious to facts.....!

"My mind is made up; do not confuse me with facts!"

The line is old, old, old....the facts are current. Day, after day, after day the Wickileaks facts come out and yet the Hillary folk, AND the Main Stream Media ignore them.....They act as if nothing is said at all.

I find it amazing that this continues.

I do so as I find this to be a total abdication of any adult consideration of the information available. The new reality is, "This is my candidate, they cannot be wrong....ever!"

What happened to thinking people who considered the information available and voted accodingly?

DO NOT give me the standard line of "made up" info....This information being disseminated by the  site which many know is one hacking which has not been CHALLENGED, DENIED, etc. by anyone. No they center on who is doing this....why are they doing it....????

The facts are there, but a complacent media....complacent HELL!!!  COMPLICIT is the real word. They ignore the story to perpetuate the Ideology of the Clinton horde!

I am sickened!

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