Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let us Frame Obama's Supreme Choice by His Own Actions!

Now the words of the orator come....he declares that there is "plenty of time" for his nominee, and no reason at all for the obstructionist GOP Senate to halt the process.

Several thoughts pertinent to the process come to mind.

First, this President, beyond the pale of any before him, has decided that he and he alone can decide many things decided in the order of the triumvirate of power for the rest of the 200 years we have been in existence.This fact alone should completely disqualify him from selecting a new Justice of the Supreme Court, and by his very nature and statements, further damaging the separation of powers in our constitution.

Second, this President has, again by his actions, demonstrated a complete and narcissistic refusal to accept any but himself as the decider of any government action, frequently, nay, mostly choosing instead to state his own mind, and replace the will of the people and the vast historical precedent because he "knows" he is right.

This second statement is backed by the absolute avoidance of any attempts by this President to reach out, and work with Congress, but rather to avoid entirely any form of communication with Congress, and then to quickly label the Congress as "obstructionist" because it did not agree with him.

No, this man, an absolute vision of narcissistic behavior is less than a qualified individual to decide the future balance of our Supreme Court for, possibly, the next three decades.

We are justified as a nation in asking to wait for a more sane and Constitutionally-enjoined President to decide such a matter! On that topic, let us pray we get one!

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