Monday, February 29, 2016

Vitriol.....Run Rampant!

I am ashamed that this magnificent country has fallen on these times. There is no country (with power) which at this time thinks we are the country we were 8 years ago!

Obama has taken this proud nation, in a time of stress in the world, and managed to remove us from the sphere of influence almost single-highhandedly. More importantly, he has managed to allow the despots of the world....from China to Russia to N. Korea to Iran and much more to KNOW that we, as a nation, will do NOTHING in the face of anything they do!

What a sad moment for the United States of America!

Perhaps the future President will begin to reclaim the status of this country....But certainly not under the guise of the folks in the Hillary Camp who find Obama a magnificent leader!

Trump?  Who knows what reality lies behind the facade of words of littlew worth but much deriding of everyone else.

Cruz?  Who knows, but there is little chance he will prevail.

Rubio?  Who knows, but he is light with experience, and frankly his finest chops have come int he past two days of return assualt upon the Trump deriding of any and all who seem a threat!

I am less than impressed, but then Hilldabeast is not a formidable person given a general election in which 60% of the electorate knew her not except as an old lady who was involved in politics.

Who knows....certainly not me!

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