Monday, July 25, 2011

"Our Petulant & Inept President!"

"It’s been clear to some of us for a while that Barack Obama is a man of uncommon self-admiration, quite thin-skinned, and increasingly consumed by his grievances."......Peter Wehner

He seems completely to the point in THIS ARTICLE!

In my case, while never believing Obama to be a possibly good President, I did not see any of his adolescent attitudes during the 2008 campaign. I saw a raving uber-liberal would-be-socialist. Now I see the child-like critter behind the elevated chin, and absolute disdain for the common folk who he claims to represent.

It is a bit early, but I still am having these visions of Obama post-President.....A man who will come across as bitter, aggressively offended by society in general. What an ex-Pres he will make.....Lord help may be almost as bad as having him as President.


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