Sunday, July 24, 2011

OK then....What Is The Difference Between The DEMs and The GOPs as The Deadline Approaches.

Well, actually, the differences are not nearly so similar as many might hope.....

The GOP has invited all their folks to participate in an "open and honest" look at what to do....

The DEMs have seen Obama call Pelosi and Reid to his office to consult.

Thus the theme of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi officeholders continues unabated......HIDE/OBFUSCATE/BURY.......

There is N-O-N-E of the promised Obama "Openness & Transparency"....There is only meet behind closed doors, then pronounce how "You have to vote for it to see what's in it!" continues as the DEM ticket to operation.

The people of the USA are tired......They are tired of the complete lack-of-communication. The fact is they can now see that the lack of such communication is the fault of DEMs trying to control the entire operation, and still living in the dark halls of their dominance from 2006 when they controlled Congress thru 2011 when they still seem to believe they control everything!

The DEMs are ignoring, on purpose, the results of 2010. They are hoping beyond hope that the 2012 elections will see a different outcome. They will, given the current polls....The GOP will control house and senate. They may well control the WH.

Then the question will the GOPs see the same handwriting?

I am fearful of this outcome.....Unless the Tea Party gains enough seats in 2012.


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