Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ABDICATION!....The PrezBO Tool!

Once, again the man of charisma, talent, oratorical skills, etc. has abdicated his responsibility and leadership. The man of Hope & Change has instead said....."You guys work this out!".....He will be waiting at the sideline to: a) collect the accolades if they do come up with a budget plan, and/or b) deny ANY responsibility if they fail.

Obama...The master of Lack-a-leadership!

This man has no clue.....his minions, almost all from his playground growing into himself, have an equally blind view of the decision-making a Prez is required to present to the people.

He still feels a really-really good "Hope & Change" speech will calm the non-believers, and garner enough votes to give him 4 more years to destroy this country.

Unfortunately, unless a LOT of folks get the bug and oppose him...he may well be right.

Mr. NO TALENT is still strongly in the running, and the GOP, masters of defeat, may yet again hand him this prize, and then be faced with 4 more years of stalemate as the ObamaCare mandate spreads and develops....unstoppable without the Prez signing off on a rejection....
Do you REALLY think he would ever sign off on the destruction of his premier piece of "Govt. Take All legislation?"

If so, you are dumber than I, and I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. The ObamaCare operation will produce Govt. control of healthcare.....1/6th of our economy. Good bye USA.... hello Socialist Europe......


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