Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RACIST! - RACIST! - RACIST!......The 2012 Theme Bursts Upon The Scene!

O-M-G! - If you cannot see the sudden Obama influence toward a racist movement as central to his 2012 theme, you are simply a) asleep; b) without intelligence; or, c) on a snipe hunt!

The entire answer to the birther thing was marvelous. Of course, it gave Trump power. He "smoked out" the birth certificate....and he even drove so far as to say....."well now that we have that....where's your college records Obama?"

BUT....Obama scored because he produced a (so far) legitimate answer to the birthers.

Your flaming lib, Ms. Jumping Jack Flash herself, has already announced; "I am playing the race card NOW!"....

Yeppers, 2012 is underway, and race will be used to bring the minorities into line as a voting force!

Obama is in a terrible position. HIS programs have caused major problems for the USA. He must deflect these or lose. His answer today (following three years of denial and obfuscation) by producing the supposed birth certificate in full is recognition that Trump was scoring heavy body punches. Trump's answer...."O.K., so Now show me the college transcripts" was to-the-point. BUT, will it produce ANY media follow up? Not a chance!

The Lame Stream Media will play dead on the subject and even offer stories to support the Prez in his denial of records. It is their theme. They cannot let this "creature of their creation" fail.

God, what stupid times we live in.....


The theme is indeed underway: Ed Driscoll HAS DETAILS!!!!!

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