Friday, April 1, 2011

Obama: "GM Will Pay Back Everything I Invested!"

Welllll.....actualllly, not so much Mr. President! There is that pesky lil $84 BILLION!
What is that phrase; "A Billion here, a Billion there, pretty soon you'll be talking real money!" (Actually I believe it began with the Late IL Sen. Ev Dirksen, and back then it was "M"illion...)

I have seen flim-flams before from Presidents....from Nixon to Clinton to even Bush, but none have had the sheer unmitigated gall this current fellow shows. He drops facts like a bad player drops fly balls. I suspect the difference is the baseball drop would be accidental.

Someone wrote a piece yesterday asking if the Tea Party was fading or losing interest. If these things keep coming to the front I am guessing there will be MORE Tea Party involvement in 2012 than 2010 saw.


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