Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boehner Remains Strong/Weak/Waffle/Waffle!!!!!

Our DEAR LEADER of the GOP Charade as a, well you know, REAL Party, Mr. Boehner (of the tears and such) is telling us one thing, and then retracting it almost automatically!


Does not this behemoth of the political set get the 2010 vote????? Obviously NOT!

WE-The-people Voted to replace those who are spending us into oblivion! We did so as we believe we should NOT be spending so much.

Boehner offers platitudes....he smiles a lot....he still cow-tows to the OBAMA!

He still has not taken the bull by the horns for the House of Representatives. THEY CAN stop any expenses they deem unworthy. He still waffles!

This man is an abomination of GOP beliefs!

Cannot the Gutless GOP offer one person who will step forward and YELL as to what is wrong in this country????????

Boehner is still selling us Easter eggs of foam.....He has not a clue, but he is pretty!

My God, excuse me while I am sick!



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